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The fleet ship modules...

If im not wrong... they cost is 500 Zen/un... and you need 4 to get a ship... so its like give your Fleet Credits plus 2000 Zen($20)... They could just ask for 1 and sell for 2000 Zen, but it would look expensive lol, so they make it for 500 Zen and ask 4... good trick...

If i will give $20, i dont think i need to give any other thing to get my ship...

And the 2500 Zen ships could have more then extra 1 or 2 weapon slots and one more console...

I think if you gonna pay $25 or play 2,5 months to get the Zen to buy something, it have to be THE SOMETHING... if you know what i mean... I dont know about you people, but i think 2 months of game play its alot of game play... even if its just 2 -3h/day...

You have to think when you pay $25 for a ship, you are getting just a little better... as other people said there its not a big improvement in the C-store ships... So you do not pay for a great new ship... You pay for a ship that is just a little bettar than your last ship... $25 or 2 months are a high price for just "little better"...

In the game "The Duel", i wanted an item that could make my sword a "light sword"... it was like $2,5... just like that...

In the game Shogun Total War 2... i wanted the "more blood and violence" improve... $1,5...

And what about the NPCs in fleet base selling things that cost Fleet Credits Plus 10.000Dil - 30.000 Dil....? What mad developer had that idea?

I dont know... its just my opinion... im sure many disagree...
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11-10-2012, 01:14 AM
you know, this is not entirely correct.
cause the changes are not against you and me, who have <10 toons and care about equiping them.

it is about folks having 46 toons parking in the ESD in front of the console spending 2 hours a day logging in and out gettin 46*1440 Dill = 66240Dill/158 = 419 Zen points a day = 12.577 Zen a month = a real big cash loss for them!

Now i don't understand why they even allowed this!
and why they just don't split these accounts or make a new rule - one can have only 9,12, whatever "active characters" and use them..
a time needed to make character active/inactive is 48 hours..

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Some ships you get for only 1 Fleet Module ... but whats really to mutch is 450.000.000 EC for the Jem Har Dar Ship they should make it to 200.000.000 max per Item.
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Originally Posted by ussberlin View Post
Some ships you get for only 1 Fleet Module ... but whats really to mutch is 450.000.000 EC for the Jem Har Dar Ship they should make it to 200.000.000 max per Item.
1 fleet ship module?

What ship? I mean... the ship you dont even want or need, cuz even your last FREE ship is better... thats for sure...
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11-10-2012, 06:12 AM
You only have to pay the full cost of fleet modules if you don't own the Zen version. If you do own it, you only pay 1 fleet module. So, if you already own the Tactical Escort Retrofit, your cost to get the Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit is 20,000 FC + 1 Fleet Ship Module. Really, what they're doing is encouraging you to buy the Zen version first, then get the Fleet version for a discount. That way, you have an account-wide unlock for the normal version, the special console/weapon/whatever that comes with it, and access to cheaper Fleet versions.

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