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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
Lol, I guess I'm not terribly good at explaining things...

What I mean is that the percentage you're getting is the proper value, and you're getting exactly the same with each Neutronium added; it's just that it's being converted into a linear percentage rather than an exponential one (in which you could become virtually invincible with little effort).

To put it another way, taking again for example the ship with 1,000 hull:

If you have +100 (100%) damage resistance, your effective resistance is 50%, meaning I now only deal 500 damage per shot and it takes 100% more damage (100% of 500 = 500) for me to kill you.

I know it's kind of fruity to try and wrap your head around, I myself had to do a few double takes before I understood what Cryptic was doing.
I think we're talking about totally different things here. I am not arguing how the damage calculation is going. I am simply commenting on the fact that the defensive bonus provided by each new console is NOT linear, but logarithmic, with the lower the value, the more defense bonus given.

+20 gives 16% bonus defense, +40 gives 29%, NOT 32%.

That is what I mean by the diminishing returns. And basically it goes downhill from there. And I can tell you for a fact that I am not getting the same amount of defense from each neutronium I stack on. If it was a truly linear curve then I would be getting 16% with each neutronium. But since I am not, and in fact am losing defense with each added console, I can only conclude it's a logarithmic curve and that it follows that trend. Which I have confirmed with testing.
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