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11-10-2012, 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by cichicichi View Post
I am ok that they intend to correct the scaling with PartGen BUT i am not ok with the fact the devs said nothing about tac buffs boosting TBR at insane levels.
Well to defend the devs here that is not really true.

This one slipped into a patch not that long ago... we brought it up... Borticus noticed we brought it up... looked into it .... discovered the error and posted in THIS thread that it would be corrected within the next patch or so.

Now yes someone screwed up and added a bonus to skill that was already had one in place... so it ended up with a double bonus. Seems to me that once they where made aware of the error they have in fact corrected it. It may not be live as of yet however it will be soon enough.

I am not happy they messed up, however we all make a mistake now and then, seems to me they corrected it. So as critical as I can be at times, they are fine now. I would rather they admit it and fix it then ignore it and say its working as intended as they have in the past.
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