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11-10-2012, 09:03 PM
and after you get that 7GB done, it will restart and download another 3.5gb
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11-12-2013, 11:15 PM
So, this issue is more than a year old and there's still no damn solution?
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11-13-2013, 12:21 PM
You guys should be able to see one of the potential problems just by looking at all those replies and from the other post. A lot of people are trying to download the patch if there is a lot of people trying to download the same file at the same time it will go slow. I'd recommend you wait for an off peak time and try again then. I downloaded the patch last night at around 2 am EST no problems at all. Loaded the game up and then shut it down as I had to go to bed for work.

Also I'd suggest doing a cold re-boot shut down the PC leave it for a minute then start up. Close all other processes and make sure Arc and STO is the only thing working. that will help too when the pc is still cold

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