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# 1 Fairness in PvP
11-11-2012, 04:56 AM
This is just something that came up on my mind once, and I thought I would like to see people's opinions on the topic.

I have heard people say that they enjoy PvP as long as it's fair. So, what do you count as fair in PvP?

For example, things like siphon builds and Danube spams are generally considered unfair from what I've seen on the forums. However, people seem to be much more divided on things like AMS or Graviton Pulse, whereas TBR in its current state, tric mine crits from cloaked B'Rels and Isometric Charge are generally okay.

So, what's your criteria for considering something fair/unfair? Having a legitimate counter that can be used solo/by a team? Not going above a certain amount of damage that seems ridiculous?

And what's your response to someone who is doing something unfair in your opinion? Do you ignore the person? Say something in chat? Scold him? Make him a priority target? Or even (God forbid) warp out?

And finally, given common agreement on something being unfair, what role can the devs play in mitigating it?

Just one last thing, though. I would much rather this thread not turn into a flame war or anything and get closed, so please bear in mind that no one person may necessarily be absolutely right. This thread is simply to solicit others' opinions on the subject, and for rational discussion.

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