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09-17-2012, 05:18 AM
Foundry Art: Part One
by @TechieTrekie

This is a short mission that takes a step by step guided approach to making a custom level. It is about visuals and cinematics. It's not a foundry usage tutorial.

The idea is to show new map builders, how to take the sunny and glorious Risa map, and turn it into a mysterious, dark and spooky swamp.

Each group of objects is placed by dialogue prompts that explain the reasoning behind the object placements.

Please enjoy "Foundry Art: Part One" by TechieTrekie
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# 312 Connections by Aezrin
09-24-2012, 09:14 AM
Hi all, I wanted to take a moment to list my first Foundry Mission: Connections.

Mission Name: Connections
Author: Aezrin
Minimum Level: Any
Allegiance: Federation
Estimated Mission Length: 10-20 minutes

Type of mission: Mixed medium space + light ground combat. Storytelling elements include action, twists, and surprise events.

Initial Narrative hook: Respond to a distress call coming from Andoria. That's how things get started off at least.
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09-25-2012, 02:59 AM

Starts at Drozana System in the Eta Eridani Sector Block.

This is a very unusual mission indeed. You are being ordered to review a mission by a first time Foundry author.

Will you team up and help this kid turn a piece of crap into a good mission?

But be warned ... there is danger here. You are not alone in the Foundry.

This is a COMEDY mission, with no possible chance of role play. It is 100% Out Of Character, so be warned.

There is a lot of OPTIONAL dialog detailing Foundry tips, so if you are not interested in Foundry editing, don't click the buttons marked "OPTIONAL DESCRIPTION: blah". This will reduce the play time substantially.

Please enjoy "Escape from the Foundry of Death" alternatively known as "teH WoreSt mIShun EvARRrR!!1!!"
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# 314 The Pillar of Worlds
09-27-2012, 02:30 PM

The Pillar of Worlds
Level 31+ Federation

Investigate an ancient alien construct and uncover the mystery behind the Pillar of Worlds.

Inspired by the works of:
∞ Final Fantasy Legends II
∞ Stargate
∞ Myst
∞ Gulliver's Travels
∞ The Odyssey
∞ The Dark Tower
∞ Norse and Christian Mythology

The Pillar of Worlds contains a metagame that you can optionally participate in.
(Details provided in-game)


This project has been a harrowing labor of love for me.

I have been working on this mission for several hours a day for almost a month.

It features a thoughtful narrative and varied characters and settings surrounding a mysterious obelisk which pierces the very sky and transcends our dimension.

This mission pushes almost all of the Foundry's built-in parameters to the breaking point.


∞ Uses all 15 possible map transitions
∞ Each map contains hundreds of individually placed buildings and objects
∞ Each map contains dozens of unique NPCs
∞ Uses all 50 possible "costumes"
∞ Uses all 128 possible mission objectives

I hope you give it a try and provide feedback so that I can continue to improve upon this experience in the future.

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09-29-2012, 01:13 AM

"Ground Control" - text-heavy technobabble absurdism, now with 100% more action.

Starfleet Command asks you to help Lt. Commander Haman and his crew in their task to establish diplomatic relations with the Romulans, in order to help them with subspace anomalies that are showing up all over Romulan space. But what sounds like a matter of diplomatic sensibility and scientific arguments soon escalades into combat, as old enemies show up to interrupt the talks... And then things start to get weird.

This mission continues the story arc I started with "Subspace Oddity", but can also be played as a standalone mission, as anything you need to know is mentioned within the first few dialogues. I'd even say this one is a better point to start, as I personally like this mission even more than the previous one... But see for yourself

So, whats this mission like? It is trying to capture what I like most about Star Trek: mind-bending space adventures, fun, somewhat self-conscious dialogues, a look into those characters that travel through space and still are somewhat like we are. And all of this spiced up with space and ground battles, as this still is a game, so there you go.

Mission name: [Reliant2] Ground Control
Author Name: raydanaytski
Project ID: ST-HEALX5M49
Fraction: Starfleet
Starting Location: Agrama system in the Alpha Centauri Sector Block
Level: 31+
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09-30-2012, 08:45 PM

The Fighter Test
By: sirboulevard

While your starship is in ESD for a minor refit, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers ask you to take a shuttle or fighter over to the U.S.S. Endeavor to be used as a test bed for the new Hiromi-class M.A.C.O. Fighters. But you rub the wrong against an angry starfleet engineer and an group of even angrier surprise guests.

Small Craft Combat
A testbed atmospheric combat (jury rigged, but ultimately cool map)
Some Math & Logic Puzzles.
Lots of Combat.
Reasonable level of difficulty, no 1 v. 1s on a Capital Ship.
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10-15-2012, 08:39 PM
The Elthon Incident
Level 16+ Federation
Author: cmcewan1974
Duration: 1 hr approx.

This mission is a mix of space and ground combat, with a little bit of ground exploration thrown in too. There is also quite a bit of dialogue. The story centres around the disappearance of 7 Federation diplomats on Elthon V. The diplomats must attend intergalactic peace talks on Starbase 24. What became of them? It's your task to uncover the truth.

This story begins with a visit to Cmdr. Futagami on Earth Space Dock.
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10-21-2012, 03:51 AM
I'll add mine into the list:

Clean Sweep
Fed any level

Behrens Station, one of the largest starship maintenance facilities servicing Starfleet vessels heading to and from the Klingon front, requires your aid providing cover for a task force that will soon be receiving passes by the station's Baryon sweep arrays.

Report to the station and ensure that all ships complete their Baryon particle purging without any interference from the Klingons or other hostile forces.
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10-22-2012, 12:24 PM
The Far Wanderer
A.J. Stoner

An ancient and massive ship has arrived in the Vorn system. Heavily damaged, it has begun to repair itself using material scavenged from a nearby asteroid field. All attempts at communication have failed and the Borg are dangerously near. Starfleet Command is looking for a brave captain to examine the ship up close.

LEVEL: 41+
PLAY TIME: Aprox. 40 minutes
GAME PLAY: Investigation, Exploration, some Space Combat, Dialogue Heavy.

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11-11-2012, 01:01 PM
Avenging Resolution
A.J. Stoner

NOTE: This mission is a sequel to Finding Resolution. You should play that first.

A month has passed since the tragic events at Ker'rat IX. Your protests to Fleet Command were met with stonewalling and your request to be heard by the council has been flatly denied. It seems that Quint and section 31 will be having their way for now.

In your ready room, preparing for your watch, you hear the sound of a transporter. You turn just in time to catch a datapad materializing on your desk.

LEVEL: 46+
PLAY TIME: 90 minutes
GAMEPLAY: Heavy space and ground combat; Investigation; Exploration; RP

[center]* * *

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