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11-12-2012, 07:41 AM
Originally Posted by queue38 View Post
well lets see if this works. I have all the table hidden. if anyone wants to mess around with numbers you will have to unhide them.

Thanks for this - amazing work!

A couple of things:

- What about the various sets that give an additional percentage boost based on weapon type (Jem'Hadar set - +7.6% to Polaron weapons, Temporal Warfare set - +27.4% to Chroniton projectiles, etc.)

- FYI, I once read in a now ancient archived post (pre-Season 5, I believe) about how rarity and the damage mod affects the dpv of a weapon. IIRC if a weapon had the [DMG] mod it was +5% dpv, but if it was a different mod ([Acc], etc.) it was only something like +.25% dpv. The [DMG] mod didn't stack with the extra +.25%. So for example if you had a very rare weapon with three non-[DMG] mods, you'd only get a +.75% increase to dpv, and if you had a very rare weapon with one [DMG] mod you'd get a +5.5% increase to dpv. Food for thought - I'm not sure if this info is still relevant any longer (and I intend on testing as soon as I can), but thought I'd throw it out there in case it was useful. EDIT: did a quick test on a DHC in game and the values are VERY close - only a 2.3 dpv difference - I'm thinking this info above no longer applies. Again, well done!

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