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Much has been said about the unfairness of the new dilithium sink into General Recruitment and Reassign Underperforming Personnel, so I don't want to start another thread about that. However, I think the costs in common duty officers for the Embassy is probably a tell as to how the "conversion" to all common DOff requirements in the Starbase Projects is going to go.

The patch notes said most of the uncommon or better DOff requirements will change to common: "All Green, Blue and Purple quality requirements on Duty Officers were reduced to White quality requirements. These changes in quality and relative value haves led to many requirements increasing in number of items required, but not in overall cost.

So, what IS the "overall cost" of 200 Rare non-civilian duty officers in common non-civilian duty officers? How about the equivalent in commons for 1 Very Rare Department-Specific or Race-Specific Duty Officer.

I think that making it cost to get commons is certainly directly related to "reducing" the requirements to all common duty officers. And oh btw, it now costs 10,000 common non-civilian officers instead of 100 rares.

Please someone tell me I'm wrong. Anyone know what the conversion rate is at any of the tiers? Or will this be a surprise tomorrow?

This sounds like the fleet DOffs to me all over again. First "We gave you an opportunity to use fleet marks to get the DOffs you need for starbase projects" Then "There's a bug and they can't be used for fleet projects anymore" Then "We fixed the the starbase DOffs, but had to take away all dilithium rewards for dismissing all DOffs in order to let you do that. But hey, you asked to be able to submit Fleet Doffs, and we gave you what you asked for."
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