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# 1 Ambassador Class Thoughts
11-12-2012, 10:14 AM
Let me just say that at first I had absolute zero interest in seeing the Ambassador class in the game. From what I saw of it in Yesterdays Enterprise it didn't really look asthetically pleasing.

However my opinion on this changed a few days ago once I saw the USS Zhukov model, which looked pretty damn lovely.

I certainly prefer it to the Galaxy class.

While this ship is classed as a cruiser (like the Akira and Intrepid are in the show), I think it'd be good as another entry in the destroyer class. It's size and rather stocky build seems fitting for it.

Here's what I'd like it to be...

Type: Destroyer

Baseline Stats

Fore weapons: 4 (Can equip dual/dual-heavy cannons)
Aft Weapons: 3

3 Engineering console slots
3 Science console slots
3 Tactical console slots

Impulse modifier: 0.2
Hullstrength: 33000
Shield modifier: 1
Base turnrate: 14
Device slots: 3
Crew: 550
Power bonus: +10 Weapons

1 Cmdr Tactical
1 Lt Tactical
1 Lt Cmdr Engineering
1 Ensign Universal
1 Lt Universal

Tactical Variant

+1 Tactical console
+5 weapon power
+5 shield power

Science Variant

+1 Science console
+10 Aux power
NO sensor analysis

Engineering Variant

+1 Engineering console
+10 Engine power

Anyone got their own thoughts on it?
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