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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
But please consider: Your "OP" list might differ quite a lot from another chap's. "OP" is used synonymously to "something I had not prepared my ship for" by some.

Is there a set of objectively measureable criteria to determine if something is "OP"?
Well, part of the problem is that certain 'preparations' require a 500 Zen respec. Others require managing to find room to squeeze in a Boff power to counter specific attacks. Some ships don't exactly have a lot of room to spare, because they're only viable in a certain number of ways. Classic example would be the good ol' Hegh'ta. My current build more or less relies on a combination of two Tactical Team 1's and an RSP for the majority of tanking, with TSS and EptS for shield recovery and HE for hazard debuffing and a small hull heal.

I don't realistically have ROOM to squeeze in a Sci Team to counter the sci-spam BS I come across, or the sci-based P2W attacks that get used like cheese. Putting that in requires opening a big gap in my TT coverage, which is what keeps me alive 50-60% of the time. It also requires me to sacrifice a boff skill that I KNOW I get a lot of use out of. . .there are no 'unused' skills on my Hegh'ta.

So, the 'just lacking adequate preparation' line doesn't cut it with me, especially since you'd be hard pressed to have a build set up to respond to every friggin bit of cheese that's out there (AMS, gravitic pulse, danubes, subnukes/subnuke doffs, general sci spam, etc).

My list of what I consider OP isn't TOO big. I don't consider subspace jump to be OP, for example. I don't consider Theta Radiation to be OP. Most P2W stuff is generally ok with me, they're items of reasonable utility (heck, I'm using two P2W items myself!). Mostly, I get pissed off at stuff like AMS spam the instant you shoot someone, gravitic pulses that render you helpless in regards to escaping/maneuvering, 2-3 subnukes getting stacked onto you, danube spam (especially combined with other cheap BS tricks).
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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
If you open that up to variants of the ship and you have a deal. For example the temporal set is what gives the Wells it's power so allow it to work on any temporal ship. Or the Excelsior console (Now only sold on the CMDR version) leave that available to all Excelsior variants.

Do this and I will support your idea all the way
Question will be if other players are willing to give up their toys. If not, were back to the drawing board.
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These threads always make me laugh. I coudlnt honestly find any other response to this thread.. so heres a tranny singing rock music-

Yeah, that's right.

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