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11-13-2012, 08:34 AM
Originally Posted by aetam1 View Post
That is true. People are so fixed on consoles that they tend to ignore other stuff. Can you afford purple doffs, or do you have only blue ones? Do you have [acc]x3 weapons? Do you have MK XI or MK XII stuff? The difference between blue MK XI dmg consoles and purple MK XII is about 4% I think. With 4 tac consoles that would be about 16% which is about half a console.
Also there are the ships. Even a simple defiant is either a vet reward or you have to buy it from the shop. So where does p2w start? If you say you do not use it, does that mean you run only free ships and no item that costs more than 10m ec since it is the free acc credit limit?

That is not entirely true. Yes everyone wants to win but honestly, if I have a truly amazing game of two equal teams I don't care that much. Yes a victory is what makes such a match perfect but loosing won't bruise my ego. In a really good match even loosing can be fun, especially if you have a good relation with your opponents.
Also I might add I have my own sense of honor or whatever you like to call it. There are some things I won't use, like a drain carrier for example. I do not use everything I own, I consider carefully what I use in pvp. Like I use a leech because I have one, it's awesome and I see no reason not to. If they break it again and it stacks I will unequip it and the moment they fix it use it again.
I will not hide what i use, some of it is p2w stuff. But I do care up to a certain point about my enemies. I usually go with something like "I only use what I would not mind others using against me".
Although I wont delve into argument, I must say I have witnessed that latter paragraph of mine which you responded to, many times. I will however give a nod to your " especially if you have good relations with your opponents." comment that usually does factor in. If you are friends with your opponents then YES, the fun and the game are usually all that matters.

I must agree with you there. I was referring to either ppl who dont like to lose specifically, rivals, or just simply ppl you dont know, with my statement. I should have been more concise and less general with my words.

Yeah, that's right.

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