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Originally Posted by connectamabob View Post
Ooh, I just had an idea!

Seeing people complain about the B'tran cluster being stripped of its dil rewards got me thinking: why does nobody like exploration missions?

1) No real rewards. Duh, that's what the B'Tran kerfuffle is about so obvious answer is obvious.

But, more that just that:

2) The missions themselves just really suck. They're all unengaging cookie cutter one click missions. The reason for this is obvious: there's way too many of them. The devs can't afford to spend the time making them interesting or unique, and are pretty much forced to just stamp them out en mass as short, cheap, cookie cutter missions.

Proposed idea: Create an "exploration mission" option for foundry mission publishing, and let Foundry authors do the heavy lifting. Foundry authors can create and submit missions specifically to become official exploration missions, via process similar to that used for spotlight or officer daily submission/approval. An approved mission gets assigned a door in one of the exploration sector anomalies.
THIS. This right here is an excellent use of the foundry authors. Only hiccup I see is getting stuff approved by CBS (I'm assuming they have final say in anything that could be considerd canon in game) but with some ground rules this could be workable. Now I don't think there are actual doors in the clusters, it seems the anomalies are at random locations. What could be done is to put the missions in specific pools for each cluster so that they're picked at random.
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