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11-13-2012, 10:30 AM
Originally Posted by dantrainor View Post
RSP is a poor power in terms of opportunuty cost. There are better options with better uptimes and less selfish applications.

For TSS to be effective you need to crack open an auxiliary battery before use, or switch settings to something with more auxiliary bias.

Who said that?
Though if a full negvar worth of heals wasn't keeping a target up under fire from 1 ship...
Im bad at quoting:

1.) Agreed, as to opportunity cost on RSP in a team setting. If one can anticipate cross healing, its an overinvestment, and a selfish investment, in survivability. Id much prefer on a team setting to take TSS, give it to others in need, and expect the same in return. If I find an organized group to play with, I'll definitely do that. As for TSS? I had 100 Aux at the time, it just wasnt enough.

2.) I was having trouble keeping people alive in Pug v Pug PvP. Some of that may be my own lag time in healing... by the time I could identify the focus fire target, they were mostly melted. Perhaps if Miracle Worker could be shared... *sigh*

Again, thanks for the input, and keep it coming!

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