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# 1 Auto Patcing Launcher Issues
11-13-2012, 10:34 AM
Since the Auto Patcher issues that cropped up last week my Auto Launcher hasn't worked properly since then.

The key issues are as follows

1. I start up the Autopatcher/Login launcher and it takes me two or three times of it trying 2 times before saying it can't connect. I restart my computer and turn it back on have to try two more times wait 5 or 10 minutes then try again and sometimes it launches.

2. When I finally do get to the Autopatcher/Login, often it won't patch/or let me launch the game cause it didn't check for or find any patches needing to be applied, because of this I have been inconsistently able to get onto the game, on either the Tribble Server or Holodeck. Oh add an issue to this portion of my issue, on big patches such as the Season 7 release patch it won't stay connected to the Shard Server or where ever it needs to be connected to, to finish the patch. This has happened twice with the Season 7 Patch and it's still not done.

Please somebody assist me so that I can continue to be a player on this game.

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