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11-13-2012, 12:05 PM
Just a thought...Have the devs put any thought into peer to peer patching...Most of the time i would highly not recommend P2P because of viruses and many other reasons but since PWE's patch server never can handle the load when a massive update like this comes out....If peer to peer was a option for people they could get the patch much faster and PWE's patch server wouldnt be having such a horrible time right now and you wouldn't have so many ticked off customers dieing to get into season 7...but please PWE give it some thought please would make alot of people happy if they get the patch faster and i dont think most of us would mind lending some bandwidth to help others to get it faster...

Just a thought for the one who moved it..This is not a pc is a issue with PWE's patch people never cease to amaze me....And another note to the mover: Perhaps if you would have read you would have seen this is not the same thing as the previous person had started..but oh well hopefully someone will put it where it belongs so the devs can see it because it will just get ignored here...
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