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11-13-2012, 02:01 PM
I logged on one of my Klingon officers to look at stuff (was checking fleet Duty Officer vendor to make sure Cryptic didn't jack up the prices, which was a rumor I read in ESD chat) and decided I'd set up some marauding missions since my feds needed contraband.

Well, the way the rewards are listed in the results window were quite different now. One mission listed a 16 x Special Item(s) and another listed 31 x Special Item(s).

Before today, the marauding missions that rewarded contraband would almost always have multiple items in the reward window and the last one on the right "usually" denoted the amount of contraband you might expect if the mission completed with no critical, usually a 1 x or 2 x Special Item.

I went ahead and set up the missions (on all my Klingon officers) to test my nauseating theory that the brains at Cryptic have removed contraband from the Marauding missions. If they HAVE, this will be strike three for me and Star Trek Online (Strike One = dilithium gouging run wild in S7 ; Strike Two = nerfing Officer Reports mission).

My tenuous perch on the fence about Season 7 is getting very precarious. And Cryptic seems to be standing there with a pointed stick trying to knock me off. And it really saddens me, I'm a gold subscriber since day 1 of launch with no interruptions (I hit 1000 day mark the hard way, I wasn't grandfathered in like the $200 LTS people, heck -- I had to wait 14 or so days AFTER those people to get my Chimera as the days ticked off) and I really wanted to make it to my third anniversary but Season 7 has made me consider quitting the game for the first time in over 33 months. Again, sad.
No Star Trek Series went past Season 7.

Will Star Trek Online survive Season 7?

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