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Originally Posted by glorthox View Post
Double dilithium and refinement would be nice, but like most game companies, it just falls on deaf ears....
No it doesn't! LOL. They take into consideration all points of view when implementing features. I would imagine being positive and asking politely goes a lot further then being remoreseful and lamentful.
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Originally Posted by anomalousx View Post
Your post also touched on people who want to jump the gap with Zen store purchases, I don't expect it would make much difference, people who want to spend money on short cuts still will, and others who stick it out and put in the time will continue to do that.

However the people who stick it out play more often, and having a regular player sit around grumpy at the game is not good because they behave that way, and it rubs off onto the rest of the gaming community which sours people who would buy short cuts.


One last thing above all else, I am trying to convey that keeping rewards fresh and attainable by the average player is essential to healthy game play. I have a strong objection to games that require obsessive levels of play to achieve goals. Life was not ment to be spent infront of a videogame. At most videogames should only require 2 hours a day to achieve the maximum level of reward for that day. Anything else I feel is a contribution and encouragement to delinquent behavior that causes neglect in people's personal lives amongst their family, friends, career, education, and even health, amongst the things I salute about Star Trek Online is that they keep goals with in this time frame on most occassions, but I tend to spend all day trying to fill my quota of dilithium and afterwerds it makes me feel kind of ill for playing so much. So I was hoping that if I asked politely and maybe some other people asked politely we could get a bump up on our dilithium rewards, maybe not as severe as DOUBLE but a good amount please?
You've a good set of points, yeah. We do agree that it's not a good thing to simply give handouts (which is what a lot of critical players seem to ultimately be vying for), but to make the time spent by the player something that is in the interests of the player and the company.

Right now, it's looking like STO is really getting unbalanced as far as that. What can I do in 2 hours which will have any substantial impact into the game systems I must pay the results of my play into?

More avenues to achieve Dilithium may indeed be the best way to go, though I just don't see Cryptic increasing any dilithium payouts for what's already there. They'll want us to work more for it, sure.

In the end you've a good point--if word of mouth gets circulating that the game's too much hard work and little fun, less people will bother. The problem is balancing it with what Cryptic already has in mind.

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Originally Posted by psycoticvulcan View Post
As much as I'd love that, it'll never happen because it would crash the Dilithium economy and undermine their whole money-making strategy.
Yeah, and so would thousands of frustrated players leaving. That definitely would put a kink in their money-making strategy..
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Originally Posted by psycoticvulcan View Post
As much as I'd love that, it'll never happen because it would crash the Dilithium economy and undermine their whole money-making strategy.
Crash it?!


The current system is a freaking Dilithium Black hole. Even if you are a gold member you're capping at 10k a day.

If you want a LOT more then you have no choice other than to buy zen and sell them.
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Originally Posted by anomalousx View Post
Everything costs dilithium it's crazy lol. Fleet gear, fleet projects, crafting, a store specificly for dilithium, duty officer store, and maybe my favorite the zen store( I like getting zen store stuff there is a lot of neat ships and things to be had there so I really apreciate the zen dilithium exchange! thanks sooo much for the feature! )

However I think S7 would be even better if there was double dilithium awarded from the current events that offer their normal reward, and even in addition have the older events like gorn minefield and crystaline catastrophe offer dilithium, I like to keep my space battles varried so they don't become repetitive. Repition and my dislike for it is also why I like increased dilithium rewards, it doesn't feel like so many circles to get new things, and trust me I love playing with all the new things in Star Trek Online LOL it's such a great game.

So please, Mr. Stahl, other cryptic developers, anyone else who has a say, and anyone who agrees ofcoarse please help make season 7 the most anticipated season ever because of new and increased dilithium rewards, less repetitive circles to run in to get, and enjoy new stuff!!

BTW thanks for the great game, great advancements since launch(been here that long!! lol), and ofcoarse the effort put into Season 7 itself.
The solution to all our dilithium problems: PvP (where dilithium dailies are still well over 1000 dilithium!)!

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THe key is this, We are over grind. I was fine with the STF as is. the onlything I could complain on that there isn't a Fed version of Empire Defense. We are grinding and getting little in return. I friend of mine after a failing out with a fleet is refusing to be a part of another and if he did hes' done contributing to it. HE made the tops quickly each time and got little for it. The Devs seemed to be poorly implemently ideas lately. the Starbase system, the REgent, and now this.
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truthfully? its PAINFULLY easy to get Dilth on here...even when NOT doing stfs 24/7 (some people do this lol) what we need is an increased refinement cap...with all this new stuff going in...8k a day is NOT going to cut it...even with alt characters on one account -.-

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I find this line of replies sadly hilarious. We put a lot of work into the massive list of fixes/changes above, and ya'll are hung up on the ability to skip our content. =p
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Looks like a lot of people complaining NOW should have bothered themselves with this thread when it was still relavent.
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I am assming PWE thinks less dilithium equals more players buying Zen. Especially since they cannot earn enough dilthium to turn it into zen anymore. Fact of the matter is, if they are not buying Zen now, they are never going to buy it.

People turning dilithium into Zen are buying stuff from the C-store in that manner to make the game more enjoyable. With PWE eliminating that, I think they are going to find a lot of players leaving. In the long run they will lose customers and STO is going to be a lost cause. Many people only play because you can actually earn things from the C-store. Most players use that dilithium to buy uniforms and costume sets that are way overpriced in the C-Store anyways.

I pay a monthly sub and I look at it like they are pulling the rug out from under me. I use my monthly Zen stipend and supplement my Zen with dilithium sales to buy things I want. So I pay to play and still get screwed in the end.

I will just cancel my sub - use what dilithium I have left to buy the EC cap upgrade and call it a day. Sure I will still play, but they are not going to get my money anymore.

Sure they only lost my money. I am only 1 person. They probably have 5 more people to replace me, but the same could be said for every player that complains and cancels, that there are 5 more that don't say anything and just cancels. Guess time will tell.

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