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# 1 Thoughts on the Vesta so far
11-13-2012, 04:30 PM
I figured I'd give my experience so far for those that are on the fence about it and wanting more info.

Right now flying the Aventine (tac-ish one) from the three pack.

Console abilities: Very nice! Shared cooldown on the consoles is just about is as long as the given power runs, so not much reason to hold back on using them. The three piece has cooldown of about 10 seconds longer than it runs. 3 Min self cooldown on all of them. The deflector phaser is somewhat nice even though it's fire time is long, but not enough to make up for it's lack of fourth forward weapon slot, IMO at least. Fermion field is a pretty nice AoE heal for yourself and surrounding people, seems to heal slightly better than HE3 to those around you (about 5 km sphere). Multidimensional Wave-Function Analysis Module is kinda fun, reflecting all incoming torp damage back at the sender and shoving enemies way. Not used the last one on anything but Tholian mobs so far, but should be handy against Borg.

Manuverability: Feels odd. Seems sporty for the size of ship, but a bit harder to line up cannons than on an escort. Still getting a feel for it, shouldn't be too hard to get a handle on using DHCs given that I can line them up just fine on KDF cruiser with base turn of 10.

Tanking: This thing has thick shields, currently running MACO MK XII on it and it takes a fair bit to crack the shields, even with only a single shield recharge rate console mounted. Bleedthrough seems to not do much thanks to it's fairly large, for a Sci ship anyways, 750 crew. Once through the shields, though, you might as well have built the ship out of paper. Once a Borg Sphere group had drained through my forward facing I was nearly instantly down into the 45% range and had to turn away and hit Fermion to survive.

Firepower: Running 3x Aux DHCs fore and 3x Mk XII [Borg] turrets aft with basically all power to Aux with shields given what's left over. Running with the Lt. Comm. as Tac to give it more options to when using cannons. Not a full escort in firepower by any means, but pretty nice for a Sci ship. In the Infected Space Elite I ran I didn't draw much aggro (3x escorts and 1x Dread), but felt I was actually contributing to the DPS. I was running with only 3x phasers consoles, as I needed a place to shove another universal console , so not getting the maximum firepower out of it, but not likely to make this a full escort even with all 4 fitted anyways. Sensor Analysis takes so long to stack up that it's not really a huge factor except on really large enemies.

Hangar: Launches slowly... You hit the button to launch fighters, one appears on the rear deck it goes up, then a few seconds later another pops out on the deck and flys up, seems much slower than the Armitage or other carriers when launching. For some reason, even at full Aux, it takes a minute cooldown to launch another wing, even though the same char it takes 35-40 seconds between waves on an Armitage. Also, if you're running the Aventine hull the nacelles of the Runabouts and the wings of the fighters appear inside the riders along the deck... Hopefully both are bugs to be solved at some point. It can fit all Fed hangars, of course, so quite a bit of flexibility added on top of all the flexibility it has with a Uni Lt. Comm BOff.

Edit: unsure on times, will re-check things. On my Eng, Peregrines are 40 second recharge, but my Sci has a 1 min cooldown on them. Both are 1 min. on the Runabouts.

Still not used it enough to give it a rating, but it's an interesting ship, particularly for Sci.

Tried it out on my Eng with the Borg Universal put into the Eng slot instead of down in the Tac. Grabbed a lot more aggro, and bleedthrough was much more of an issue with having 1x MK XI Blue Neutronium and 4x phaser consoles. Had to use my Eng capt abilities to stay alive, and even died in an ISE (I still had the shield bubble available but didn't realise that until it was too late).

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