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# 9 I concur
11-13-2012, 06:19 PM
I just played season 7. I'm not a complainer. I play a lot of games and they all get changed. But the changes are never this dramatically bad. The elimination of dilithium sources is an unacceptable nerf. I typically look forward to earning enough dilithium to buy new ships and other things from the zen store. But with the recent changes, instead of taking a few weeks to earn a new ship, or a few days to earn a new DOFF pack, it will take a few months. I don't have the patience for that kind of grind.

I tried one of the new five player STF's and was bored out of my mind. Sure, the Borg STF's are stale, but they are still challenging enough to make them exciting to play.

Cryptic/Perfect World chose a really bad time to make a bonehead move. Star Wars: The Old Republic goes free to play in two days. I was thinking of trying it out, but now I'm looking at SWTOR not as a diversion, but as a substitute.

There is the possibility that the exchange rate of dilithium will change such that half as much dilitium with buy the same amount of Zen. But until that happens, or Cryptic institutes more sources for dilithium, I won't be playing. That means going from playing about three hours a night to zero. Starting now.

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