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11-13-2012, 09:51 PM
There exactly 2 Fleet Action missions I find entertaining, those are Big Dig for the fast pace and after the revamp it is actually playable for a 5 man team. others may not agrree with me here. only flaw here, is that Captain Kirk tacs, who know how to exploit their abilities, will win out every single time if they are too opportunistic.

The other is Breaking the Planet which is just a gorgeous map with a nice escalating progression that moves you in a nice circle at a fast pace and actually requires teamwork (the only one that does). Leaving someone behind or rushing ahead is suicide.

Starbase 24 is just dumb with way too many spawns all at the same place. At the very least you should turn the starbase into a fighting entity now that you have the tech for that that keeps a majority of the aggro throughout the fight.
100 Ships on a handful of players is not fun.
This mission doesnt reward teamplay in the slightest.

Gorn Minefield suffers from similar problems. Way too many spawns on top of the first objectives. And since the spawns keep you in red alert the progression window never pops up unless you die and respawn.
That leads to a lot of people who simply don't notice that the important battle has moved elsewhere.
This is not fun.

Klingon Scout Force reverses the spawn mechanic. They are far and few between and enemy ships get facerolled by the players.
It is the best from the space Fleet Actions, but the bar is pretty low in the first place.

2 Out of 5 enjoyable missions which you want to be the primary content played now does not work.

All these missions should have gotten a remaster treatment to make it more engaging and fun to play.

Give the players a reason to work together, give it a balance pass and apply some new fancy tech.
Maybe then it will be accepted as a substitute for STF farming.

The missions in principle have potential, but not in the beta state they are still in since launch.

And while we are on that subject of PvE:

Please, please, please fix that Private Challenge bug that prevents us from launching the match even after assembling a full team. So we can at least use those missions for private fleet events.

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