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# 1 Cryptic, THANK YOU for S7!
11-14-2012, 12:27 AM
I have to tell you i am amazed!

The new sector and the patrol missions are really nice and they make sense (Finally something). The % of accomplishment are something new and a good idea too.

New Romulus - you already know how much people like it, so i just wanted to add my quote here. The Romulans and their costumes are wonderful, i cannot wait to play one myself. Hopefully as a member of the New RSE

New Fleet Actions:

Salt Vampires... suck. There are a bit too many of these coming out, and virtually nobody in the 2 runs i have made thinks about using a melee weapon But it is a serious fun and a nice break from the Borg enemy stereotype.

Into The Hive:
I LOVE this one! We got in, after the first wipe one left, but we tried to finish it. We got to the part where you gotta destroy the 2 Unimatrixes, then the invisible torpedos begun to fly around and 2 more have left.

There is an issue here, cause it is impossible for 2 persons to finish this Fleet Action, so there should be NO PENALTY for leaving if you are one of the 2 last people inside!

I am a little sad that STF's give now NO dillithium (the indirect amount is just laughable and insulting, cause you promised otherwise). I tell you, if you don't change it, NOBODY will play the ground STF's. And that is bad, cause they are good and fun, and challenging.

OK, took a day off today, so going to buy cigarettes and gonna dive in into the rest of the nice new stuff!

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