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11-14-2012, 12:54 AM
Originally Posted by aelfwin1 View Post
You're gonna make me lol ?

Good for you . We all simply have to have a pointles jihad in our lives , so glad you have yours . I hope you at least get payed .
It's a choice. One can only stand by and see so many idiots sling baseless accusation with only the flimsiest evidence for so long before one feels the need to call them out on their stupidity.

Besides, you forgot the part where I said I tell them what I think is wrong, too (which incidentally was the entire point of the post you cherry-picked from). You're trying to paint me as some apologist by omitting statements. Poor form.

Wait ... is this the reason your outdated Galaxy-X "troll the players" sig just went away ?
No, that went away for something else entirely. The new thing got moderated, and I can't say anything else due to rules.

But I do need a new sig. Might cook up something new. Maybe inflamatory, maybe not, but I certainly have a juicy topic to base it on if I want to be a little nuisance about it.

Oh ... I love it when the Cryptic Defense League crumbles .
It always takes that "last straw" , but dammit it always happens .
Just because I've never been really upset at a choice they've made doesn't make mt an apologist. Calling them out on a decision I think is bad doesn't mean I've crumbled. I'm no different than any sane person voicing their concerns, it just took longer for me to have a concern to start with.

Off course it is ! The Center of the Universe a you know it .
It's just so nice to see that you think that Cryptic (and we all) need to see that "obvious fact" as well .
How could we have missed it for sooo loooong ???
Bad wording on my part, mistake in retrospect. The intent was something akin to "Look man, I'm your friend and I'm trying to give you advice" in a conversational manner, followed by the proposition of a potential middle ground.

Clearly I should have omitted the part you quoted and gotten straight to the proposition. My bad.
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11-14-2012, 12:58 AM
I do not play VAs (delete and create new toon after reach RA1) and I for once agree with Sophie.

Why the hell are you all moaning? You can get dilithium faster and easier then before. Fleet Actions, as I get it, are faster and easier then any STF. So, you will play the same content all time - just different content then STFs. And STF can be done from time to time for fun. You grind this, or grind that - what's the difference?

For players with mental disability to play STFs Fleet Actions will be easier way to get dilithium. For fleet grinders it will be easier way to get dilithium.

Don't really get whats wrong with this change?
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11-14-2012, 12:59 AM
After this I have 2 words for the people who thought this was a good idea. "PINK SLIP OR YOU'RE FIRED!" pick either one.
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11-14-2012, 01:03 AM
Hi Dan,

no longer than 3 days ago, i was running to my computer to start playing STO.

You see, i am one of these long-time Gold Player who fell for it and even commited into buying a LTS 3 weeks ago.

So i was still kinda feeling a "high" with the game because the Veteran ship is great and all, and i was genuinely still having fun doing STFs ( both Space AND ground ). Know why?

I felt that i was ENTERTAINED.

What made the game entertaining and making me coming back for more?

- The STF random loot bags and the extra dilithium reward and extra reward for optional success. Some players have a love/hate relationship with random loot but myself as an avid gambler always felt compelled to come back for always 1 more STF because it could be the "jack pot" one.

This is also why i also fell so often for your Lock Boxes. I am just too curious for my own good and "need" to open them.

In a sense, i am the BEST customer you could ever have.

I bought LTS and i weekly bought Zen with real money to spend on keys and even sometimes to sell for Dilithium.

But THERE IS A LIMIT when i find out that you are charging me alot of extras but are not willing to give me any consideration.

I spend alot of money when i go to casino and i rarely win any. At least, they treat me good, they take care of me and my wallet, they give me free food, free hostel room and often free chips. They know i will come back at THEIR casino.

YOU CRYPTIC are acting like you do not give a damn about your customers fun. You are like vampires that only want to drain as much blood you can and give nothing in exchange.

You devise plans and plans within plans in order to give the bare minimum required to keep your customers but have ceased since long trying to reach beyond that plan.

You do not like your customers. You are seeing them like milk cows.

You do not respect your customers. You lie blatantly to them.

You deceive your customers. You change the house rules on a whim because you suddenly feel you could milk more money with new rules. You add 3 more zeros on the roulette and warn the players only after the bets are off.

So i logged in today. I took a look at my twelve characters like i do everyday.
I noticed the nice yellow box all of them add in their inventory.
I noticed Duty Officers upgrading prices are now higher.
I noticed after a STF that i got no Dilithium and no random blue/purple items...
I joined a Fleet Action. No one was talking, all was chaos. No teamplay. But we still get 1400 Dilithium for doing something INCREDIBLY STUPID AND BORING.

Then i realised that could not be true. That is a nonsense. Stupid Fleet action give more reward than any STF? This is WRONG.

The only "challenging" and "exciting" content as now barely any INSTANT reward but Fleet Actions now give Dilithium AND random gear?

Sorry... I can't and won't accept this. My wallet is now closed.
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11-14-2012, 01:07 AM
Now it's time you tell us the real reasons for these changes. Surely it wasn't customer satisfaction. Nor was it exploitation according to you since the average player only refined 3100 dilithum a day. The only reason I see is that you want to turn the Zen ---> dilithium conversion into another cash cow and this is just disgusting!

There are some changes that are understandable:
- The double-dilithium reward for B'tran for example. Even though I doubt many players will still do those boring missions for just 1440 dilithium.
- Or that dilithium costs for reassigning doffs were raised. But the new level is just insolent.
- And maybe that you have to play foundry missions that are longer than just 2min for the officer reports daily. But the fact that you now have to invest at least an hour for this mission just for 1440 dilithium and a few marks are way over the top.

What Stahl forgot to mention is that besides having to spend 4 hours just to get 8000 unrefined dilithium you also have to grind for Omega marks, Romulan marks and all the other stuff necessary to increase your reputation. While untill season 6 you were able to grind for Borg tech, dilithium AND tradable items at the same time. In other words: The value of your time invested has greatly decreased.

Stahl: "Our expectation is that the Season 7 Dilithium changes will have minimal impact once the changes are fully realized and players are understanding of how things have shifted. "

Yeah right.
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11-14-2012, 01:17 AM
*scratches head*

Note to self:
  • get the new into the hive accolades asap.
  • move alts to defera, getting omega marks there will be faster soon.
  • convince a dev who owes me a favour to add a crickets chirping sfx into the stfs
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11-14-2012, 01:19 AM
Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
Eh. You don't need STFs for the Omega system. Just do other Borg content for Omega Marks.

Omega rep works just fine without even touching STFs. Which makes STFs all the more irrelevant.
Oh I/we know, but to do the Omega system you need the damn bnp's eventually and elite stf's are the only place to get them. No dilithium in stf's = not doing stf's

Just did SB24 against my better judgement with a few of my fleetmates, took literally 5 minutes for 1440 Dilithium!
Even more reason to stop doing stf's altogether....

Edit: Another thing that now strengthens my resolve against doing stf's anymore. If you stop doing stf's, you wont need the Omega rep anyways as it only applies to the borg. I am sure I wont miss the buffs that you get while levelling.
I'll stick to Romulan Rep me thinks

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11-14-2012, 01:24 AM
Originally Posted by stoleviathan99
Explain why you deserve one red cent from gaming customers who you don't provide those things to.
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
There will never be an honest answer to that.
No , but the countdown to Capt. Gecko making a troll post about "forum rage" on Twitter has most certainly begun .

Don't worry Al , I'm sure Priority One and PodcastUGC will ride to your rescue !
After all ... , Terylynn should be so pleased ... -- you've made these wonderful changes for players just like her (according to your previous P1 interview) .
I am loosing STO with each new system based update and with each removal and editing of content .
I don't know how to save her from her systems obsessed masters who seek to control and monetize me more and more .

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11-14-2012, 01:31 AM
Originally Posted by aelfwin1 View Post
No , but the countdown to Capt. Gecko making a troll post about "forum rage" on Twitter has most certainly begun .

Don't worry Al , I'm sure Priority One and PodcastUGC will ride to your rescue !
After all ... , Terylynn should be so pleased ... -- you've made these wonderful changes for players just like her (according to your previous P1 interview) .
lol, old Gecko will not be able to resist his trolling ways. He is the Master Troll after all
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11-14-2012, 01:35 AM
seems pretty obviously youv've been looking at them metrics for far too long and trying to see how much you can not just sqeeze but choke the playbase. this has put you so far out of touch with us. i'm worried for this game with changes like these to dilthium. stfs and doffs. will drive people away and stop people returning. i see the 15th of nov being a bad day in sto. as i think thats the day tor is f2p more people are going to jump ship now.

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