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Up to yesterday I was still thinking S7 would turn out great and that there was a plan behind it all. But now that I've played it and had time to read through the forum for feedback and pondered things myself I'm far less enthusiastic. My big problem with the new things is the complete lack of content synergy. Bear with me for a second and let me explain.

There are now 6 major currencies: Dilithium, Energy Credits, Omega Marks, Romulan Marks, Fleet Marks. And Doffs, which aren't a real currency but you'll want to obtain a lot for various reasons.

Now in Season 6, there was no problem. Endgame players could just play STFs and cover all of their currency needs. You'd get your STF gear, dilithium and 100-200k EC's worth of vendor trash for one hour of playing. That left you enough time to go doffing or do fleet events for another hour to help out your fleet. With two hours playtime a day you would be all around happy and would make good progress every day.

Now in S7, there is absolutely no more synergy at all. All activities we do only help us out with a single currency!

STFs don't earn us anything but Omega Marks. If we grind enough weeks to get to Tier 5 we can earn about 500 dil per run as bonus, if we play during an Reputiation bonus event. No more EC value.

The Romulan Reputation missions also don't reward anything but marks, at least as far as I have seen. If there is a mission that awards dil or substantial amounts of loot to sell for EC I haven't seen it.

Fleet Actions award Dil now, but only award loot to sell if you place in the top 3. Out of 20 people.

The only way to earn EC now is by doing Tour the Universe which takes one hour and is extremely boring and mostly consists of watching loading screens, or by selling Doffs.

I'm not yet sure what will happen with the Doff market. No one will buy green or blue doffs anymore for upgrinding, maybe for degrinding to turn them into whites, but I don't know.

And yes we also still need fleet marks, and now we actually have to do fleet events again since we cut off from our free daily FMs from the console clickers.

Do you see where the problem is? There is so much stuff we need to do, and absolutely nothing of it benefits us in more than one aspect. Cryptic says they want us to play for 4 hours a day to obtain 8000 dilithium. And how many hours to they expect us to play to obtain a basic EC income (even the T0 personal reputation projects cost ~50k EC each)? 4 hours dil grinding + 1 hour tour the universe? + half an hour doing STFs for Omega marks + an hour doffing + half an hour fleet events for fleet marks.

So in total 7 hours a day just to progress at the same pace as we did before?

Ok, no one is forced to participate in all of those activities. One can decide simply not to bother with STFs or a fleet. One can also decide to be happy with 1000 dil a day. But considering how content starved this game was and to some degree still is, do you really want to make players chose between which content they want to play to this degree?

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