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11-14-2012, 08:19 AM
In a typical day I'm on nowhere near 4 hours. Usually I just check in to do doff assignments, officer reports, midterm, chat a bit with fleetmates/friends, see if there's anything worth contributing to in the SB projects, and browse the exchange.

All this generally takes less than an hour, if on more than that it's usually if I feel like doff assignments on other characters or if there's some fleet/alliance activity planned, or I'm really bored and have nothing else to do but STFs.
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11-14-2012, 08:26 AM
Before hearing about season 7:


After hearing about it:

Colonization, massive doff'ing and rolled an alt for the final MK XII set I will wear (got it in time too)

In season 7:

Gating characters at the 2 day window, setting up doff assigments and going afk

The main thing that keeps me from quitting is the time I already invested albeit I feel all my characters are complete and I have the stuff I want, so what's the point anymore.

Don't know if I am ready to throw dil into the rep system but for a few missions a week I will level the passives.
My whole gameplay basically just went out the window subbed by a gated system I can complete in 30 min pr week :/

Main problem being there isn't anything new in season 7 I am hungry for. If there were like fantastic stuff in there I might have an easier time overlooking the other problems

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