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There is something that has always stumped me since i joined this game, the inexplicable reason as to why diltihium is the REAL currency in the world (speaking ingame) is so unsual in its price ranges.

Its unusual that starfleet would charge a captain 8000.. (what is dil measured in anyways? boxes, chunks.. anyways) 8000 dilithium... things, to buy a light cruiser; miranda ship.

But and the academy will charge you even more for the chance of being given a competent(!) ((debatable. a duty officer with the sole trait of teamwork isnt too grand.)) officer on your ship for the same if not MORE than a STARSHIP.

1 small ship - 8k
1 person to serve on a ship - 8k
5 White trait Doffs (to command the ship) - 1000 dilithium

Then the fleet you serve with will charge you (i believe its 10k?) for a gun?
For that gun i can get a ship or a human to serve under me!

looking over some DIL store items now...:

for a disruptor phaser hybrid beam.. 45000 diltihum!? this gun is 5TIMES more than a ship!!

and the most bewildering thing.. an environmental suit that has slightly better defensive capabilities than your average suit.. 350.000 dilithium! i could buy 43 and 3 quarters of a starship! I could build a few fleets of ships (although yes mirandas..) for a single suit of armor?!

Fetch me a vulcan, they would have the EXACT phrase for this!

*ahem* and not the one on the front page.

Why on earth (from an in game/rp point of view) can i buy 43 small WARP CAPABLE starships for a single slightly better EV suit, the currency that is dilithium makes no sense

I am not dense today, i know that the game has better things for more dilithium whatsits, just the fact its the same currency for these things is mindboggling
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11-14-2012, 11:39 AM
You're forgetting one very important fact:

Earth in the 25th century doesn't have a currency based economy.

Reconciling that with a capitalist, materialistic culture that we live in is going to produce things that make no sense.

Such as the entire in-game economy of STO.
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11-14-2012, 11:49 AM

It is quite unbalanced.

Its as if a new car is $500 and a candy bar is $5500 lol
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11-14-2012, 12:04 PM
The Name Dilithium should be changed to Gold Pressed Latium or at the very least Replicator Credits.

In Trek Dilithium has always been an energy source and not a form of currency.

Because the in-game story has both factions fighting wars on many fronts Replicator Credits would make more sense and would be more or less treated like currency.
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11-14-2012, 12:09 PM
Just wanted to point out i wasnt hoping to instigate another currency or mess about with the current ones, jsut pointing out how biazare it is :p

You know what would happen if they did convert dilithium to something new, we would end up with like 10% of our real value of what got converted :|

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