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11-14-2012, 12:12 PM
Originally Posted by sensorghost View Post
Some of us get paid far more than you I'd bet for more complicated work.
Wow! What an amazingly scumbag remark. Score yourself 10 elitist jerk points!

BTW: I am in no way on Cryptic's side in this, but... wow...

I agreed with this statement of yours:

Originally Posted by sensorghost View Post
I dont expect any of those things from them. The changes are in, they are not going to up and admit fault and beg forgiveness because we asked nicely. There has to be a growing massive negative backlash to send the point home.
But seriously, that first comment was WAY over the line.

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11-14-2012, 12:21 PM
Have to disagree with you borticuscryptic, all the STF borg changed. I have nearly full shield, yet my hull is getting chewed down. This did not happen before this update.

That being said, i do like this change for the borg. STF isn't as dull anymore. We have to actually pay attention now *GASP*
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11-14-2012, 01:03 PM
I don't mind CHALLENGE. But enemies with attacks that can basically one-shot you (lances, plasma bolts, heavy plas torps, and now plasma burn of doom) or unresistable debuffs (borg spam Shield Neutralizer every 15 seconds...the only counter has a cooldown of 45 seconds. Good luck with that.) isn't challenge, it's just poorly thought out player-hating nonsense.
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11-14-2012, 01:05 PM
I've been reporting massive shield penetration (direct to hull damage) for months with no response. Suddenly S7 launches and folks pay attention? Gasp! Shock!

This is the same old ****ed up borg code as before.

What is NEW is the fact that ground borg got seriously screwed up. I tried to run assimilated and the undine borg missions on my lowest fed toon, and it was .... what's the word?

So many expletives I cannot type them here.

The borg were nearly impossible to kill. Even with mk XI blue and purple gear my entire away team died so many times I stopped counting after 50, IN ONE ROOM. The room where you plant the fractal virus to blow up the borg cube is literally impossible to complete without a billion deaths. The borg were regitering damage in the 1-7 range any time you shot them. Their shields were absorbing 99% of all incoming damage for no reason.

Get the shields down and their bare skin took more damage, but the shields wouldn't go down. Further targetting just 1 aggros 10 nearby and they ALL swarm you. Even with cover shields, turrets, quantum mortars, med gens, shield gens, and defense bubbles, it's impossible to kill 1 of the 10 before you are swarmed and they 2-shot kill you. OR 1-shot you with the "plasma sweep" firing animation.

Then forget the elite tactical drones! I tried the next mission where you beam to the Romulan ship to clear the borg, and the first room was just as bad as the previous mission's room. They are literally impossible to kill in under 10 minutes of sustained fire. They send out knockback blasts every second for a minute at a time and anybody inside 20 meters is instantly knocked down. You get up and INSTANTLY are knocked down again. Repeat 50x. All the while the other borg drones are shooting you and you die. There's no hope of ressurecction because the away team is being knocked down repeatedly also. Or wiped out. The very first room you spawn in my entire away team died many times, myself even more.

The borg shields were 99% effective against all incoming damage, and if you found a simple drone without shields you couldn't kill it before you had to remodulate again. They were significantly tougher than elites STF drones I've run into in the past.

It's utter BS. Whatever cryptic did to the borg it's totally fubar.
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11-14-2012, 01:21 PM
What I think they did was to allow the plasma fire to stack. I did notice this also. My odyssey used to never worry about plasma fire but yesterday and today it takes 3-5K each tick from my hull. During that time I did notice being hit by the beams does set you on fire about every other hit. Those fires are stacking.

Rodentmaster: use melee on them borg missions. you and your boffs, you will do that room in under 3 minutes no deaths...

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11-14-2012, 01:25 PM
No. I've been reporting massive BS damage direct to hull (through full shields) backed up with stats direct from combatlog. It's not the plasma doing the damage. In almost every case it's a plasma torp (sometimes under donatra it's called a photon torp, but same BS). It's a 1-time impact damage and not an over-time burn, though for the record the plasma damage has become more intense lately. Especially with the rapid fire plasma torps. HE cooldown is so long you can get hit 10x with a plasma torp before it comes back. I HAVE in the past, also.

The problem is the stupid retarded coding for these torps. They crit at a rate normal torps fire. That is almost every shot. And those crits bypass all shields apparently.
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11-14-2012, 01:32 PM
I have to agree something has changed ... I ran into a cube and sphere yesterday in the new Romulan zone as one part of a exploration mission ... usually they will be some work, but yesterday they ripped through my shields and tore up my tac escort refit like I was running around in a tier 2. I like a good challenge, but this was silly ... I died 4 times before I finished the mission. I'm running with Aegis set and Borg universal console along with VR MX XI weapons that seemed like peashooters. I won't say I'm an expert, but I'm no noob either.
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11-14-2012, 01:39 PM
Ok just did another and here are some details from combat log.

All are from Tac Borg Cube
TSS, Epower to Shield 1, 100+ Shield Power, and Maco Shield being used just to give idea of current resistance rating. In addition have 24.6 energy/40.3 kinetic hull resists.

1946(2148) Plasma Cannon Shield Damage
239(3673) Plasma Cannon Damage

Ok so no idea what that info even represents or how those first numbers were calculated from the first. Perhaps shield resistance math got messed up somewhere because just the maco shield and my shield power alone are more resist than what was applied. Next up the Torp.

3591(10460) Plasma Torpedo Shield Damage, Kinetic
19248(55429) Plasma Torpedo Damage, Kinetic

850(1309) Plasma Damage, the dot.

Ok first off I thought shields had an innate 75% kinetic resist or am I wrong on that because the log is implying around 65%. And how on earth did I gain kinetic hull resistance from no where for the hull hit?

Somewhere in your damage vs resistance formula someone made a boo boo. That is the only logical conclusion I can draw.
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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
That said, it's possible that Borg encountered in Into The Hive are set to a higher level than they are in other STFs. I haven't checked to be certain. But if they are, that means they are rolling on different (higher) damage tables.
this one...

The old sft are still the same, but in Into The Hive, borg are too strong... My shield are totally useless... No matter if I use maco shield have the max into shield skill and use both TSS and EPtS.
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Originally Posted by vikingraider View Post
What I think they did was to allow the plasma fire to stack. I did notice this also. My odyssey used to never worry about plasma fire but yesterday and today it takes 3-5K each tick from my hull. During that time I did notice being hit by the beams does set you on fire about every other hit. Those fires are stacking.
I think you may be on to something here. A change to the way plasma fire works, especially combined with the torpedo arc change could definitely be causing this. I was skeptical of the issue being plasma dot, since there were times that the dot didn't seem to be doing much, but if it does stack, especially if you get a bunch of procs back-to-back, it could certainly be the cause.

Another possibility: From what I remember, plasma torpedo fires were considered completely separate from plasma energy fires. I'm imagining a scenario where plasma energy weapons are refreshing or stacking plasma torpedo fires. I can easily see that as a bug introduced while modifying something else.

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