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# 3371 Bring back the fun!
11-14-2012, 01:32 PM
Short term: Bring back the fun!

Mid-term: Bring back the fun!

Long Term: Bring back the fun!

Golly look what I got! Now I can collect game metrics properly and adjust the content correctly!

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# 3372
11-14-2012, 02:05 PM
Originally Posted by zeus16nbs View Post
Short term: Bring back the fun!

Mid-term: Bring back the fun!

Long Term: Bring back the fun!

What he said, and dilitium in stf and loot too.
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What's up with Interior ship missions? I would like to see us be able to go around our own ships and solve issues, just like on the series, rather than giving the DOFF's all the fun.

How about waking up in your ships sickbay if your character is severely injured during an advanced or elite mission? Your ships doctor will have to give you permission to return to duty. There for inputting a recovery frame in which you can play again.The regenerator always seemed like cheating to me and eliminated the holo-doctors purpose.

Also in regards to ships on advanced or elite setting missions, if ships take heavy damages, instead of them always blowing up, some are disabled and have to be repaired by your crew with in a certain time frame before it becomes critical. This will allow more challenges for players, rather than them having to depend on the components or going back to a station for full maintenance.

I observed while playing The Walking Dead social game, that there was a time frame in which you were allowed to go on missions before your character ran out or ammo or energy. I always felt that playing a game like this, gave it a more realistic feel.
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# 3374 Timing
11-15-2012, 12:40 AM
Short term:
Fluctuate your timing of maintenance.
Having it at roughly the same time every time penalizes people with limited schedules. I see the notice of scheduled maintenance and know that it's another day I won't be able to play at all due to the schedule falling right into my limited time.

Medium term:
Housing, or a better way to group community built missions. Although last time i played I discoverd visiting other parts of my ship, so we'll see.

Long Term:
Play Romulans.
Play older eras of Star Trek with period version ships.
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# 3375
11-15-2012, 07:40 AM
short term:
bring back dilithium and loot for STF, its horrible the way it is
more dilithium space missions for KDF
more loot for space missions

mid term:
something for the small fleets, because all this station, embassy and personal tiers are driving small fleets mad, too much expense for few people to deal with

playable romulan faction! urgent! no lock boxes with romulan vessels or anything like this, Romulan star empire is a major faction in Star Trek franchise, and is missing on this game as a faction!!!
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# 3376
11-15-2012, 09:03 AM
Short Term:
  • Fix the bug that currently makes it difficult to post bridge stations on our ships!
  • If you feel the need to adjust Dilithium, please DON'T do so by reducing the payout while at the same time increasing the costs.
  • Please explain why the mk XII purple weapons that were so effective against the salt vampires in Tribble now do hardly any damage to them at all on Holodeck...

Mid Term:
  • More ship designs for the KDF! Come on, you've got some beautiful Gorn and Orion NPC ship models, so how about making them available to the players, even if you have to call them refits?
  • PLEASE make the oddesy bridges available for other ships if you buy at least one of them! Those two bridges are the best in the game, and it's frustrating not to be able to use them on my other ships...
  • Please fix the Costitution Bridge option so that the NPCs go back to wearing the TOS uniforms when you have it equipped.

Long Term:
  • More civilian clothing options, such as swimwear for Risa, or 'native garb' for Vulcan or New Romulus. For that matter, how about som off duty love for the KDF clothing options? You can't tell me that they don't have mercenaries and traders...
  • Some more customization options for starship interiors. We've got Big-Medium-Tiny and lots of bridges, but how about some customization for our captain's quarters? And how adding the shuttle bay and armory?
  • And speaking of ship interior options, Orion and Gorn ships should have their own interior options since it is very evident from their ships' exteriors that those two races have VeERY different design philosophies form their klingon allies. The gorn ships seem to be all about sleek efficiency, while I would expect orion interiors to be artistic and lavish...
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new romulus is a world filled with mystery and unknown,another ambiance that would enhance new romulus even more would be a night and day cycle , with the night bringing predators and creatures we dont see in the daytime on new romulus .it would create so many possibilities for story content and mini missions,ive spoken to many other players and they all would love that to be added on new romulus.
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# 3378
11-15-2012, 09:41 PM
What I would like is more variety with interiors. All my ships have different bridges, but the engine room and all the other rooms are the same. I hope there will be more bridge packs and interiors in the near future, like a new designed bridge for the Chimera Destroyer, or other veteran ships.
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# 3379
11-16-2012, 01:11 AM
One thing I'd love to see is a dual build capability like alot of other mmo's have. Not necessarily bridge/duty officer or equipment builds as switching out bridge/duty officers and or equipment is no problem, but having to buy respec tokens to change builds isn't fun. I run with a small group of ppl and sometimes I may need to tank while other times I may need to dps. currently I can do both to a limited extent but to be able to really excel at any particular role I have to lvl up multiple captains which isn't fun having to start new characters from scratch lvl them up and do the same old grind to get them geared ect...

Of course I'm sure something like this will never be put in as then they wouldn't be able to sell respec tokens, but one can always hope .
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# 3380
11-16-2012, 01:41 AM
Mid Term
*KDF Ships, Costumes and keeping things Unique. ADD MORE!

Long Term
*KDF Ships, Social Zones, Costumes, Playable Species and keeping things Unique. ADD MORE!
(for me kinda)*Federation Bikini "NOT ORION" one pieces, need I say more?

Super Long Term
*PvP Balance, (I'm gonna get shot) Escort Hull/Hit Points on many Federation Escorts are just too darn high. YEAH Science has a shield modifier. but that modifier no matter how high, does not give me a 10k increase in shields. compared to some escort hull vs science hulls. 30k sci vs 40k escorts? no way Jose!

P.S. B'Rel Retrofit BoP is a perfect example of how an escort SHOULD be, low health high DPS.

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