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11-14-2012, 01:34 PM
I agree with OP 100%

The situation is worsened if you enjoy playing alt characters, or Heaven forbid, take a walk on the wild side and play your KDF officer(s). Since they charge for extra character slots, maybe they'll see a direct impact in their profits from limiting or killing the progression of alts.

I had sick feelings that S7 was going to be a big mess and it has pretty much come to pass. The developers/management just didn't seem to care about what their players thought and there was basically no response to numerous posts on the forums.

After taking a look around Season 7 and letting a lot of what the OP listed sink in, I decided to cancel my gold subscription (subscriber since day 1 of launch, 33+ months uninterrupted, 1015+ days the old fashioned way, I wasn't grandfathered in during the $200 LTS money grab promo).

Irony alert -- Sony released the infamous Star Wars Galaxy "NGE" (New Game Experience) patch on November 15th seven years ago, so Cryptic missed the good fortune of releasing their biggest mistake by only two days -- the fact that they moved their usual patching back from Thursdays because Star Wars: The Old Republic went free to play that day. Hmmm.
No Star Trek Series went past Season 7.

Will Star Trek Online survive Season 7?

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