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While all the skills that you can get on the reputation system they made fore S7 are nice I noticed that both of them favor ground skills.

Omega forces you to pick 3 ground skills with it's layout, only leaving you able to pick up 2 space skills.

Romulan tree has only 4 space skills and the top tier favors science so heavily that except for 5 seconds of cloak it is useless to anyone but a science captain. Even then you can only get 2 of the lower ones.

Personally I think that each tier should give a choice of a ground or space skill and not force me to take useless skills that I will never use.

Side note 2 days to do starting missions is going to take forever to get anything done on the rep projects. I understand the time taken but should be shorter. 20 hours to match up with the dailies would be good at least that way we can make progress every day if we want and not have to wait 2 days before being able to make progress again.

Thank you for you time. Please leave comments but keep it civil.

Disclaimer: this isn't saying they did a bad job but rather that they could have done a much better job.

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