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After playing through a few things in this new season 7 garbage that's been shoved down our throats, a fellow fleet member offered up a question to me. How much of this crap is pwe's doing, and how much is dstahl's?

Let's face it, this game has changed for the worse with every "season", to the point where personally I find very little enjoyment in even logging on. Thank f'ing god I didnt pay for a LTS, or I'd really be pissed off. Lock boxes are obviously pwe, and perhaps the new lack of dil rewards. But who's idea was this new grindy crap? who's idea was the converted box of omega garbage that can't be opened until a person has ground themselves into a frickin insane asylum? Personally, I didnt work so hard to get 10 toons equipped with maco or honorguard equipment just to end up with a useless box sitting in my bank for the next 2 weeks. And you crying pansies that couldn't handle someone clicking a console for the off reps assignments...was it really hurting how YOU play the game? It may just be the whining women like you who influence the upper "almost people" to make such moronic changes to a game I for one, used to enjoy. I said s7 would kill sto and I completely believe it.

You know, it's just not worth my time anymore. Good luck all and keep a hand on your wallet, it's just going to get worse.
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11-14-2012, 02:21 PM
It should be obvious...

The game started with nearly two dozen forms of currency and they just added more. Then they went F2P and cut out a bunch of the currency. Now the currency is making its way back in...

What changed?

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