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11-14-2012, 04:01 PM
Originally Posted by cotp0maurafey View Post
Another game developer fail.
Ran the new Gear/Dilithium missions several times, and received little text messages, for placing 1/2/3, etc. But the loot dropped was horrible, received nothing worth selling on the market after several runs.
Ran several Omega marks STFs, received no loot at all.

Do the Chinese owners of the game not understand that people take part in game activities for some instant gratification called fun and reward? There's no longer a reward for running these missions:

No reward, no loot, no EC = no fun.

What does the game community think about the removal of Tier XI and XII loot dropping from the hardest missions in the game?
Hear hear. the Fleet Actions are just there as dilithium gain now. Im just airlocking the consoles.

The Omega Mark STF is working as intended.

They went from STFs are giving too much loot(dilithium, consoles, EDC, Salvage, Tech.)


Omega marks and a Borg Neural Probe.

Uh... huh. So you went from too much to basically no point of doing STFs. I mean at least for me, I'll just be doing STFs just to get enough marks and BNPs to get my projects going. Do you see what you've done Cryptic/PWE?

I used to play STFs because it was fun. You got lots of loots(and while I did airlock most of the consoles) the salvage and tech gave you something tangible for your time and deaths that you incur.

Hell right now at getting to Tier 1 all I did was a couple of Elite Infecteds. And then Im done for the next two projects or so.

Congratulations, if your intent was for me NOT to play the STFs as often, you have Succeeded.

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