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I seem to have a really crappy ship or crappy abilites on my ship. I have a Stargazer class and for some reason it takes like seconds for me to get destroyed. Those plasma torpedos suck. I would like to know what are some abilitys that can really defend against those or how I can not get easily defeated by the Romulans?
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First thing's first, what kind of shields are you using? Romulans are one of the first enemies you'll run into where regeneratives really don't help much - they're gone in a couple hits and your hull's exposed for those torpedoes. Romulans hit hard and in high bursts. Covariants are the general wisdom, with resilients next. You can make up for the low regen in powers, but the capacity is either there or it's not. (This isn't to say regenerative shields are junk, they have their place for a hull tanking setup, but that's more difficult than shield tanking, especially against an enemy like Romulans with really nasty kinetic weapons).

Anyway, biggest thing to know fighting Romulans is distance. Tractor beams have a range of 5 km, photonic shockwave has a range of 3 km. Not getting hit with either of these is halfway towards not getting killed by the torpedoes. If you do get caught in a tractor beam, Polarize Hull will break it.

Next, whenever possible, head towards their aft. If approaching from the side, angle behind them. If forced to engage head on, hit evasive maneuvers and pass them. If you're not in the front 90 degrees, you won't have to worry about Viral Matrix or the torpedoes. Engineering Team will clear viral matrix if you get hit.

Third, dealing with the heavy torpedoes when they're fired: Turn and run, use an AOE power like torpedo spread or fire at will to shoot down the torpedoes. They're hard to hit, but don't give up, even if they're a few inches away from hitting when you finally get them, they still do zero damage.

Last, surviving if it comes to it: Tactical team will redirect power into the shield facings taking damage, and is one of the bread-and-butter powers every build has. Having two copies of Emergency Power to Shields will let you keep your shields hardened constantly, substantially reducing incoming fire. One torpedo shouldn't be too bad if you can stop two.

The last ditch, if you're about to take all three hits in a heavy salvo because other powers are on cooldown, Polarize Hull, Brace for Impact, Auxiliary to Structural Integrity, Emergency Power to Shields, and Tactical team can give you a fighting chance to survive it, and Hazard Emitters will put out the hull fires and start healing you back up afterwards.

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STO is all about bridge officer abilities, power settings and weapon selection. Hear is a build for your ship that should make it effective, even if your only using white gear. Just set your power levels to the standard full power to weapons setting and you will be golden.

Weapons: 6 beam arrays. Damage type unimportant. (plasma is a good choice for pve as its usually cheaper then other types on the exchange and the plasma fire de buff hits hull regardless of the status of the targets shields.)

Consoles: 1 tactical console that enhances your chosen damage type. 1 RCS accelerator, 2 plasma distribution manifolds. 1 field generator or shield emitter amplifier

Shield: Resilient or covariant. (I favour resilient myself, as I get plenty of shield regeneration from abilities, but some like covariant)
Deflector: Positron (this kind gives good defensive skill bonusses, other kinds of deflectors are better suited to using specific abilities)
Engines: Regular impulse engines (combat impulse engines are a waist as with player skills your engine power setting should be approaching medium levels even when you have it set low.)

Bridge officer abilities:

Lieutenant Tactical: Tactical team 1, Tactical team 2. (keeping this buff running all the time is invaluable, you can use doffs to shorten the re-use time and swap the second tac team for another ability but this isn't necessary)

Lieutenant Science: Polarize hull 1, Hazard emitters 2. (hazard emitters is a good hull heal and polarize hull is a good resistance boost, having these abilities also allows you to ignore tractor beams and put out plasma fire)

Lieutenant Commander Engineering: Emergency power to shields 1, Emergency power to shields 2, Auxiliary to structural integrity field 2. (A dead player ship contributes no damage, auxiliary to structural gives a good hull damage resistance as well as being relatively quick to re-use and not sharing a cool down with tactical team making it a better hull heal then engineering team. Emergency power to shields isn't the best shield heal, but it has a relatively short re-use if you stack it and gives a good shield damage resistance.)

Ensign Engineering: Emergency Power to weapons/engines 1(depending on player preference, Emergency power to engines helps you to close or retreat and is arguably more useful to a good player, but emergency power to weapons gives you a strait up damage bonus for a more hands off play style.).

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Lot's of excellent info here, especially re: build. So let me discuss tactics as they are just as important. Almost everyone has gone thru this so don't feel alone. You can go back thru old forum posts and find pages of posts on "How do I kill Romulan ships?" and "How do I survive Romulan ships?". I usually try to set myself up prior to the approach. Pause a moment (if possible) and allow all your BoFF skills to recharge. Before attack I buff up every DPS skill I have for an Alpha strike. The Romulan BOP's are usually no big deal. The Mogwai (sp?) and D'Deridex are the two buggers. The D'Deridex, especially. Remember their hulls are not strong. They're shields are their main defense. So go in hot and strip a facing shield as fast as you can. At the same time try and stay more than 5k away. Within 5k you will trigger their secondary attacks, especially the D'Deridex. Keep "Brace for Impact" ready. If caught by the tractor beam you can bet a string of Plasma torps are on their way. If you can hit BFI just before they hit you can usually survive. If you can buff shields THEN brace you definitely will survive. Beam Fire At Will can often take most or all of the torps out before they reach you (provided, of course, you're running Beam Arrays or Beam Banks). Cannon: Scatter Volley... not so much. Once you strip a facing shield try and keep fire focused on that side. Both Romulan Big Birds have light weight hulls and you can eat them away pretty quick once the shields are down. Don't be afraid to hit evasive and "get outta Dodge"... swing out, heal, then swing back in. The Mogwai will pursue some... the D'Deridex, not really. Hope this helps.
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So it seems like a lot of people tell me to get the Polarize Hull Plating which I have no idea to do. I checked the exchange but they don't seem to have it. I would like to know where can I find this device?
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Originally Posted by capt001 View Post
So it seems like a lot of people tell me to get the Polarize Hull Plating which I have no idea to do. I checked the exchange but they don't seem to have it. I would like to know where can I find this device?
Polarize Hull Plating is not a device is a Science Bridge Officer ability. You can train Bridge Officers in I and II version of the skill at the Bridge Officer Trainer store in Earth Space Dock. It's located in Blue sickbay area next to the Personnel Officer.

Just be warned, you can't get back spent Expertise points spent on abilities tha tyou replace.
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^thank you very much. I have trained some of my officers for some of the skills.
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The mission that is mostly kicking my butt right now is the Ground Zero mission all the way back in season 2 (Yeah, I have not been playing much.) But that mission for some reason is hard. I am thinking of skiping it.
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Originally Posted by capt001 View Post
The mission that is mostly kicking my butt right now is the Ground Zero mission all the way back in season 2 (Yeah, I have not been playing much.) But that mission for some reason is hard. I am thinking of skiping it.
It IS harder The D'deridex learned some new tricks since the start of the game.
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The D'Deridex (now to be called the Big D for short - Stole the nickname from Armada II Fleet Ops) can be a MAJOR pain in the bum early on. Afterward, though, once you get the hang of it, they're weak sauce. The Big D has 3 big abilities. It has a Tractor beam, a Torpedo Spread, and the ability to fire three Heavy Plasma Torpedoes.

The Tractor beam is easy. Tractor beams (excluding Tractor Beam Turrets in The Vault) have a max range of 5km. Stay out of that range, and you have no worries. However, failing that, the Science BOff Power "Polarize Hull" is designed to resist Tractor beams. This power is only an issue when it uses its other two abilities alongside it.

The Torpedo Spread fires a lot of normal torpedoes. They explode in an AoE around you. If your shields are up on the facing the Big D is toward, it's no worries. Torpedo spreads are crap against shields. Hull is another matter. So, try to have your shields up when they hit. Failing that, Brace For Impact and hull heals after the fact should mitigate most of the damage (if they're Plasma torpedoes, the Science BOff skill "Hazard Emitters" will clear the DoT - It's also a decent hull heal-over-time).

The third and by FAR the most deadly is its Heavy Plasma Torpedo Volley. The Big D will fire three Heavy Plasma Torpedoes, similar to what Torpedo High Yield does to normal torpedoes. Each hits for a solid 10-15 thousand damage, and almost always apply the hull DoT. However, this is also the easiest to counter. When these fire, activate the Tactical BOff ability "Beam: Fire at Will." This is Torpedo Spread for beams. It will fire your beams faster, but will also target other enemies within range. Since Heavy Plasma Torpedoes can be shot at and destroyed before impact, using this ability will cause your beams to target the torpedoes automatically. The destruction-before-impact rate (for me) is about 90%. Failing that, take the tips for the Torpedo Spread and pray you live to heal yourself.
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