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Within the "Your Fleet" UI, under the "Holdings" tab, I have the option to update the name and message of the day fields for my fleet's Embassy and Starbase. These 4 fields should be separate and distinct from each other and in some respects they are.

The problem is with how this UI refreshes upon changing these fields. The UI refresh ties the Embassy Name with the Starbase Name, and similarly ties the Embassy MoTD with the Starbase MoTD. If you change the Embassy Name field, the Starbase Name field is also changed. The behavior is the same with the MoTD fields--for brevity, I will only use the Name fields from here on, but everything I describe also applies to the MoTD fields; also all behavior goes both ways: Embassy->Starbase and Starbase->Embassy.

Right now, this bug is purely a UI issue and not a data issue, meaning that when you change the Embassy Name, the Starbase Name is not changed on the backend, but will show as changed in the UI. Also, you don't even have to change anything for this bug to activate. If you click in the Embassy Name field and immediately click outside of the field, the UI will show the Starbase Name as changed to the Embassy Name.

When this bug activates, it activates account-wide, not per character. I've run the following tests, after activating the bug:
1) Change character, bug still activated
2) Log out and log back in, bug still activated
3) Exit the game and log back in, bug deactivated
This bug is reliably repeatable. All I have to do is click into any of the 4 text fields.

I originally posted this issue in the Feedback->Controls and User Interface sub-forum since I was unsure whether this was a bug. With continued observed behavior and the testing I've done, I am now certain that this is bug.

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Join Date: Jul 2012
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12-04-2012, 03:19 AM
I've found somewhat of a work-around to the MoTD Display bug. The following steps can be used once the Display bug kicks in.

To see/modify the Starbase MoTD:
1) click on the "Holdings" tab across the top
2) click on the "Starbase" tab on the left side
3) click on any other tab across the top
4) click on the "Holdings" tab across the top
5a) now you should see the current Starbase MoTD
5b) the Starbase MoTD can now be edited
6b) once editing is complete, click outside of the MoTD text box (ie just to the left of the text box) in order to save the changes
7b) to double check whether the changes were correctly saved, repeat steps "3)" and "4)" above (if your message is more than 200 characters, including spaces, you will see your updated message truncated down to the first 200 characters)
8b) repeat steps "5b)" through "7b)" until you are satisfied with the result

To see/modify the Embassy MoTD, use the same set of steps above, but replace "Starbase" in steps "2)" and "5b)" with "Embassy".

These steps worked for me on both the FED and KDF sides.

Hopefully, this information will also be useful in tracking down and fixing this bug.
Join Date: Jul 2012
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# 3
12-04-2012, 04:38 AM
I just noticed another, possibly related, bug. This one involves the Fleet MoTD (different from the Starbase/Embassy MoTD's).

If I update my FED fleet's MoTD, then change characters or log out/in to my KDF toon, the KDF fleet's MoTD will show my FED fleet's MoTD on the "Overview" tab. However, the "News" tab will show the correct [but possibly abbreviated (as discussed below)] KDF fleet's MoTD. Again, the only way to deactivate this bug is to close down the game and relaunch it.

This bug also activates if I modify my KDF fleet's MoTD. (Then the FED Overview tab will show the KDF MoTD, and the News tab will show the real one [if not abbreviated].)

I can still edit the fleet MoTD from within the News tab. However, the News tab interface only allows 128 characters for the fleet's MoTD (any characters after the 128th of the original MoTD will not show up, and the text box will ignore any character I type if there are already 128 characters in that text box). The Overview tab interface allows a much longer fleet MoTD. Also, editing under the News tab does not fix the Overview tab display bug.

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