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  • New Romulus and all of the beautifully done artwork, from the 3D models to the textures.
  • New Romulus critters that roam--absolutely KAWAII! Can I have a pokeball?
  • Items icons that display what you are getting from DOff and other missions.
  • Having the 3 Borg set and getting the green tractor beam.

  • Some of the UI improvements.
  • The IDEA of a reputation--progression--system.
  • Meeting the Borg Queen (and getting my butt kicked--after all, she's suppose to be tough).
  • Having an embassy on New Romulus

  • How my starships' and characters' trays were rearranged with the update.
  • I cannot take off the helmet from my BOff who uses the Omega set.
  • I cannot visit the ocean on New Romulus.
  • That embassy provisions cost fleet credits.
  • Tuffli freighters do not have transwarp access to new nebula zones.

  • STFs no longer give out Dilithium or some other reward besides Omega Marks at the end of the run! (Seriously, give us something--dilithium, ground/space items, etc.)
  • The requirements to progress in Omega and Romulan reputation, as well as the starbase and embassy.
  • The cost to convert DOffs.

These are just a few feelings I have towards Season 7.

I do want to give the art-work people (3d modelers, textures, designers, etc.) high commendations for the beautiful work they did.

As for PWE, they need to find a better solution to make money and keep us Trekkers happy. I get that PWE is a business and wants to make a profit, but they need to do so in a more symbiotic manner rather just leeching away at the members. I believe Trekkers (not just members) would keep PWE profitable if they would just respect us a little more and not hide things from us or try to take advantage of us.
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11-14-2012, 07:55 PM
Pretty much in the same boat here. Loving everything they've done with Tau Dewa and New Romulus so far, hating everything they've done to Dilithium. Not sure I've ever felt this conflicted about a game update before. XD

This character is why I don't play my Romulan any more. Tovan Khev is NOT my BFF! Get him off my bridge!

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