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# 1 My two cents
11-14-2012, 09:07 PM
Im sure this will be lost in the sea of other complaints but i just want to post something here to voice why cryptic lost a customer.

I hope that someone from cryptic would read this:

Im not going to claim cryptic lost the biggest spending customer ever, but I have spent a significant amount, probably would fall into the "average spending player" category the corporate ferengi who masterminded this update no doubt has labeled.

The overall decrease in access to dilith and increase in need for dilith is obviously a way to increase revenue, I understand this is a business and I am 100% ok with this. The problem is you have forgotten the most important element, THE CUSTOMER. If im running a restaurant and sales are down, sure i can poision all my customers and sell them anti-diarrheal medicine at 500% markup to make a quick buck, but they are never coming back. Consider me a diarrhea having customer who is not coming back.

I have no problem paying, when the product is worth it. You can't simply leverage yourself sales. If you're going to try to sell me zen or subscription, making STFs worse is the wrong direction entirely.

The Borg NPCs are broken, You may have missed this complaint amid the sea of others screaming about dilith shortages or whatever. I'm ok with an artifiicial dilith shortage, but not when the STFs are broken to the point they're unplayable.

In the short time since the update I have lost all motivation to log in. Normally I'd play a quick elite STF before work, and check on my doffs maybe trade some up and follow through that night. NOW, STFs are a gamble, unless i get 4 highly skilled players with me the whole thing is a nightmarish cluster****, theres no way im pulling that dilith eating slot machine that is the new doff trade in. I have no reason to play anymore, and therefore no reason to pay anymore.

Furthermore, the deception surrounding the STF dilith stripping is an insult. If you had tested the STF dilith strip in tribble you would've known it would cause backlash. but of course you already knew that and simply hid the coming changes to prevent a run on the bank so to speak. This is an unacceptable way to treat your players. The silly partial return "compromise" is unacceptable.

For these reasons you have lost a customer. I will likely linger around to chat with my fleet mates and brood. But i will not be paying another cent to this game as it stands. My budgeted money for entertainment can go to a company that has a little more respect for its customers and gratitude for their patronage.

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