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11-14-2012, 11:21 AM
I just mention 2 things:

Conversion rate of EDCs and other stuff was bull****. Devs just didnt want us to have all items needed to unlock everything from T0 to T5. Just think about it now. Elite STFs give a nanoprocessor. Previoulsy droprate of a rare borg salavage item was less than 100%. Even more so the tech parts.

a 1:1 for purple parts to BNPs, and a maybe 5:1 for EDCs would have been better. I just recently came back to see how STO changed, and didn't have much time, everything from Season 3 to 6 was new for me Duty Officers Foundry and the Set Items of course. Now all that changed again.

And the second thing is combat mechanics, a reason why I will probably leave again since its still not fixed. Enemy fires Torpedo at me, I click evasive manouvers because my shields are down. I am 15 kms away from the enemy and the torpedo is still flying towards me but kilometers away. Suddenly I go boom.
Checking the log it says the torpedo hit me.

How can it hit me when I wasnt even close to it. And no, its not a new bug, it was there with Season 6 too. Flying out of range SHOULD BE a defensive manouver, because you can't hit anymore. Yet torpedos and some longer buildup skills ignore that.

I think the devs wanted to create some sort of endgame content, but they fail to see that grinding and waiting on assignments is not it. When I look at the Reputation window I almost feel like I am playing a browsergame waiting for the timer to go down.

Next thing what happens is, that you can speed up the DOFF Fleet Embassy and Reputation Timers with ZEN.

To bad that the game was primarily designed to have a huge portion of PvP Starfleet vs Klingons. That feeling is really lost.

Well pretty long post for just 2 things sry.
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11-14-2012, 05:07 PM
The Good: Character Change button. Dilithium to Fleet Actions.

The Bad: The complete and utter drastic change in loot in elite STFs. Yes I know why they did it. I dont agree that they should have just outright taken out all the dilithium.
Vagueness in Story Progression. I mean before they seperated the STFs in to Space and Ground there was actually you know a story that was being told.

Now with Into Hive its just... "Theres the borg queen. Go kill her."

The Ugly:
The silence/Lies leading up to Season 7 launch on Dilithium changes in Elite STFs. Not a single word or peep about it going from 480/960 to 0/0. Lack of Communication eh there Cryptic? Trying to avoid player backlash?
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11-14-2012, 05:22 PM
The Good: The Reputation systems, the New Zone, the Embassy, the New ships, character select change, the music, the New STFs, the new FA, the better rewards for FAs, the reversal of the Dilithium changes concerning STFs.

The Bad: Mainly the bad was the Dil changes concerning STFs, sorry its a big part of how I play the game, and seeing it fall left me upset. Really the fact that we were told it would be one thing and then it suddenly being another upset me.

The ugly: The ending of a series of things, one b'tran, I understand it was returning to much and I can see how thats negative, but it was so well established it was surprising. The dilithium wrapper mission, I can't say I blame them for this, ever sense I was made aware of "console" missions I knew something like this was coming. Omega Crates. I don't mind so much about the crate idea, i agree fresh rewards require fresh effort. But I do think it would have just been more logical to full convert everyones rewards into dilithium rather then make up with whole complexed tier crate business which also really undervalued what went in it in many, many cases.
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11-14-2012, 06:04 PM
The Good - Character change button

The Bad - Reputation system being a "Miniature Starbase" just for you.

The Ugly - Finding out all the hours put into slapping Borg around pre-S7 just to be told
"We still don't trust you even though we gave you our most powerful equipment
to use."
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11-14-2012, 08:14 PM
The good: New zone, more content regarding Romulans. New STFs are apparently good, haven't tried 'em yet.

The bad: Release of both Vesta and Steamrunner (nice slap in the face there, Cryptic) with no apparent hints regarding a new KDF ship (carrier-escort? sci ship? Ferasan/Lethean ships?). New adventure zone looks like yet another copy+paste of Federation-oriented content with a KDF wrapper (seriously, the KDF should be conquering their ancient enemies, not going all 'peace and understanding' like a passive-aggressive Federation peacemonger). As was already known, no new KDF content or PvP oriented content.

The ugly: The whole business with the dilithium from STFs, etc. More currencies to mess around with, when we were told they wanted to keep things 'simple and streamlined'.
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11-14-2012, 08:42 PM
New zone
Changing characters without logging out
Seeing what rarity is your officers
The new reputation system
Able to see the STF armor visual just by equipping them
Able to see the STF armor on your Boff by equipping them with it and enabling the visual

The new patrol missions seems a little too similar to each others

No Dilithium rewards for STF anymore
What happened to Dilithium rewards?
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11-14-2012, 09:20 PM
Good: The Vesta.

Bad: Everything else.

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11-14-2012, 09:45 PM
The Good:
+The Reputation System in theory: new customization options for you captains, a new way to interact with the side factions.
+The Embassies: a more approachable method of progressing a fleet, fleet consoles, fleet kits up to Mk XII.
+The variety of activities to do on New Romulus: picking flowers, herding cephalopods, shooting Tholian to name just a few.
+The new missions and PvE: The Vault: Ensnared it fun, and it's nice to get new stuff.
+Improved UI items: there are a few minor improvements that somehow exceed the sum of their parts... be nice to have the queue count back, though.

The Bad:
+The lack of any true sense of progress on New Romulus: no matter how many times you fix stuff around New Romulus, eventually it gets all glowey and you can repair it again... and again... and again.
+The amount of... stuff... that you have to cart around in your inventory for New Romulus: seriously, there's a LOT of random... stuff... to carry around for a setting in which transporters are standard on our ship in orbit.

The Ugly:
+The Reputation System in action: projects/timers, pathetic exchange rate of the Omega Conversion Crate "as a reward for your dedication." It ain't pretty, not by a long shot.
+The STF changes, from loot to dilithium to the fact that there is now no difference between running a space or ground STF. You can get everything from the new system doing only Infected: The Conduit (Elite) and nothing else (learn the 10% rule). With no dilithium and no real loot to speak of, the only reason to bother with the others is if you get bored.
+The dilithium changes all around. Just when a new dilithium consuming project system is added, six (twelve of you count the STF difficulties separately) dilithium producing missions and the lazy dilithium dailies were axed. That's ugly, pure and simple.
+There's a new "You will be removed from the map in 10 seconds." message that pops up occasionally when you enter a mission, because the map already filled and the queue felt like wasting your time. Seriously, if 5 of 5 people clicked "Engage" do not send a sixth just to boot them from a 5 person mission.

Yeah, there are more "plus marks" in the Good section, but mostly that's me trying to convince myself. I encountered the dilithium changes during the Tribble Test Weekend, and it was rumored to be a bug. Still the threat alone made me decide to wait on a Lifetime subscription, and at this point I am glad I did. It's just fine for a free game, and I'll enjoy it as such, but for $200 it really isn't heading in the right direction at the moment; $300 just isn't going to happen. At least I put my $0.02 in, lol.

Ok, found a post that dilithium was being added back into STF's. Thank you for listening to us on that one, though I still think the Omega Conversion Crate values are ridiculous and the lack of STF loot is pretty silly. Still, you are working on putting things right, and I applaud the effort. Needs work, but at least you started on it.

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