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# 1 Food for thought
11-14-2012, 06:20 PM
How much more everything will cost you
1.End game gear prices range depending on the mark quality and exclusivity of the piece. For example, Ground Armor ranges from 6,300 Refined Dilithium up to about 16,800 Dilithium for Mk 12 Premium Set Ground Armor. More critical gear such as Space Impulse Engines can range from 37,900 Refined Dilithium all the way up to about 84,000 Refined Dilithium for a Mk 12 Premium Set Impulse Engine.
All of this was free before if you found it in a stf or you could have bought it for edc but zero Dilithium
2. The Dilithium cost associated with Reassignments has been increased:
White to Green: Now 500 Dilithium
Green to Blue: Now 2500 Dilithium
Blue to Purple: Now 5000 Dilithium
The "General Recruitment" assignment available on both faction Academy zones has been altered:
Duration increased from 20 hours to 48 hours.
The cooldown is unchanged.
An input cost of 1000 Dilithium has been added
Here is how there going to fix all the starbase issues
We reduced the amount of Dilithium required for Fleet Holding progression.
Dilithium requirements were reduced by 10% for Tier 4 Advancement Projects and 20% for Tier 5
Now if they lower the amount of dilithium reward you get by 50% and you take that they lower tier 5 starbase projects by 20% that makes a 30% increase for doing starbase projects making it even harder to build your starbase.

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11-14-2012, 11:03 PM
Facepalm, I'm a F2P and I expect it to be harder to get stuff than a subcriber but this is rediculous.
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11-14-2012, 11:16 PM
"Free" was very relative term. Free after you spend 120 hour grinding it out. It only cost time, and luck. Now you can spend a moderate amount of resources and depending on how closely you track projects and/or are willing to get up at 2 AM to start the news ones, can grind up the opportunity to buy the best gear in the game in between something 45 days to more likely 3 months.

Yes at the end of that time you will have to spend dil to get that gear. But if your doing runs you should have that dilithium no problem. What is amusing to me about this, is that folks can now get the full mk XII sets without unlocking the earlier titles. Given that the actual armor appearance is linked to both titles and to items at the end of this time we will see a interest mix of folks with gear but without the over all titles.

The changes to upgrade missions are fairly irrelevant, Their usefulness is in refining your doff collection. But honestly white doffs are getting used like crazy for SB turn ins. The recruitment changes are relavent. But thats another conversation

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