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As the subject sais: Just list what you would like to have.

My list:
  • Two more maps like Ker'rat, one with Federation NPC's, one with Klingon NPC's instead of the Borg. Should there ever be a Romulan faction, please also make one with Romulan NPC's.
  • Speaking of Romulans, I would love to see an arena and a scenario map for three-faction-PvP: Three teams, one from each faction. Three-faction gameplay I would also love to have in the warzones.
  • Making the warzone missions true dailies would be nice, too.
  • More scenario maps like Salvage Operation. This has great potential, in my opinion - especially if the capture points (or other objectives) aren't as clustered as they are on Salvage Operation. Almost the whole map should be used, not just some tiny spot in the center.
  • A 1v1 queue. As most 1v1's end in a stalemate, add some time-limited objective for that.
  • A 3v3 arena queue. The best PvP arena matches I have had were all 3v3.
  • A transparent matching system that publicly displays the ranking of each and every PvP player - or at least some kind of "ranking value" for that player or character when clicking on "info".

What would be your list?
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