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With all the hate threads going on, I had an idea to get nice and buried beneath all of them.

Housing on New Romulus. Yes yes, feel free to just dismiss it right there, on whatever reason you wish, be it: 'Why waste time on fluff instead of X' or 'There's enough dil/time sinks, we don't need more' and so on, I KNOW all that. Just move on if that is all you are gonna say, save yourself the time.

(Yes I am still pretty ticked about some things in season 7, but this area of the forum can't only start turning into the hate threads, it IS still General Feedback).

I thought this would be a really nice, extra incentive to the Romulan Rep system. At tier 1 or 2, you would be contacted by D'tan, who would inform you, that for your hard work and time spent for the Romulan and Reman people, you were being made an honorary citizen (perhaps a full citizenship for like tier 5 or something), and allowed to have a small home within the city.

The house wouldn't have to be large, a few rooms: Bedroom, living area with table and chairs, kitchen, etc etc.

It could be monetized, I accept that completely. Maybe just a purely dil thing though. That would be fair. In a way, treat it like an individual level SB, but just a small home for your character. I realize this is much more a 'Federation' thing than a Klingon thing, but it is just an idea.

Things that could be added are: The furniture, an epohh running around, paintings of New Romulus, faction specific items like Bat'leth on the wall, or a Federation flag, etc etc.

In short, this would be purely a dil sink, made for those who would want it. Purely fluff, and just a nice, quiet place to call your own.


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