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Since PWE is all about this rep system, why not make a pvp rep system.
Here is my idea on how this may work.

Your floating around in sector space and you see someone you wanna pvp (solo),
you send pvp challange, if they accept you both earn 2 pvp rep.

In this pvp rep combat tho, you cant destory your target in space, you must
disable it, then board his ship to destory it from the inside out.

In more detail, you and your target fire it off at each other for a good 2mins
or whatever it takes to get him down to 5% health, when your target reaches this 5%
health, his systems disable and he wakes up from a black dazes on a burning bridge w/
smoke and wires hangin down and maybe a fuzzy viewscreen but at the same time, the guy
who disable his ship beamed into his ship on the ENG deck or MED deck or whatever.

Now on his targets ship he must fight his way with his away team deck by deck going
to waypoints to disable even more systems thruout the ship.. each waypoint giving
some kind of pvp rep i guess but at the same time, the man on the bridge who just woke
up from blackness must start to repair his ship deck by deck, and if he can repair his ship faster then the guy attacking, the attacker well be beamed back to his ship only to find that
the once disable ship is at 50% or 75% and they can battle once again, and maybe a chance
to turn the tables.

This Pvp idea will bring who new life on pvp i think, and if there is way to bring more
players such as team and fleets this idea can even grow more and more.

Example for fleets, is 5 vs 5, but each team has a lead ship that must be protect, as in
all other ships can be destoryed, but if the lead fleet ship is down to 5%, the other
team can board, and then you have one team attacking, and other fleet team repairing..
again giving pvp rep..

thats my idea.. hope you like it

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