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11-15-2012, 03:01 AM
My problem with the whole dilithium scheme has nothing to do with STF's or fleet actions but with the underlying mechanic being used :

- make everything cost heaps of the stuff
- try to force players to play content you want them to play ,not necessarily what they like in order to get the stuff
- implementing a cap/cooldown on how often they can play that content

That isn't a "time based " currency but rather a scheme to slow down progression ( regardless of howmuch time you're willing to invest let alone effort ) so they won't burn through the content before you guys are able to produce the next batch of episodes .That will be the decisive factor : if progression is too fast you'll simply nerf dilithium again because there's no content left .

What you should do to expedite release of new content is get together a group of players ( easily recognized by reading the forums ) in a sort of unofficial player counsel and talk about the direction of the game . You can ask foundry authors for their input on mission/episode design even by making them sign an NDA prior to this process .

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