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# 1 A couple of quick thoughts
11-15-2012, 03:36 AM
Just heading to bed, so I'll make this one short and add to it tomorrow.

I went on to see what the new game is like.

First of all, let me say it's nice to see some new sectors! Very cool indeed, however, you need to recheck your geography. For example, Galornden Core is in FEDERATION space, not deep inside Romulan space. Khitomer is in KLINGON space, not Federation space (although, one might argue it was captured in the "war").

Nice to see new patrol missions, however, I can't say I was terribly impressed. The ones I've done so far all look exactly the same. Fly in and destroy a bunch of Nausicaans. Next up, we fly in and destroy a bunch of Romulans - in exactly the same position, in exactly the same map.

Took on some Tholian ships for the first time, I'd been rather looking forward to it. They're in the giant red blobs in the sector, the DSEs. Flew in and got grabbed by a web thing (that took shape rather a LOT faster than the one in TOS...). No way to avoid it, it spawned the little ships on top of me and they immediately initiated the thing. Not terribly cool, but perhaps there's a counter I haven't figured out yet. That thought is encouraging (though, I don't imagine they were that creative in their design).

The problems with the Tholians is that they're all carriers, constantly spamming fighters AND MINES. Now, other ships drop mines. However, those mines don't do close to 81 MILLION damage. Yes, that's not a typo. Magic tricobalt weapons. I have tricobalt mines. They don't do ANYTHING like that damage. Now, I'll grant that was an aberration. Most of the time, they were doing only 100k damage, but that's still enough to oneshot my ship twice over. Kind of unfair overkill there. Still, I am operating without any fire at will/AOE attacks at the moment, so perhaps it's manageable, but it's still not appropriate damage. Something to look at.

So, after a brief foray, I have to say it looks promising so far. I won't comment on things I haven't tried or seen first hand (I've heard and read many discouraging things, but I have to see them for myself).

More later.
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