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11-15-2012, 07:52 AM
I played around 15-20 pvp games over the last few days before and after the update. Ive not played pvp for a long while due to how much it used to frustrate me and upon returning to pvp i remembered why i found it so infuriating.

im aware lots of people rant about things in the game that wont ever change but, the purpose of my post it more to find out if i am sharing the same thoughts as most people out there both fed and kdf.

Each game i played (not including the last game i played) the game ended 0-15 with the klingons winning in around 3-4 minutes. I understand they need the cloak, i am a huge fan of star trek and would not see the klingons any other way, baring in mind i also have 4 klingons characters. The cloak must stay, however, in the last game i played it was four fed players vs 5 klingons. the klingons played poorly as a team and the score came to 5-0 to the feds.

4 of the klingons quit, the last one cloaked and stayed cloaked for more than 10 minutes until we all quit.

its just a bad joke, the second we do well and star to win, they just cloak and hide

does anyone grap mask energy signature just so they can do the same thing?

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