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Lets look at it this way:

When we launched the Oddity class, they were EVERYWHERE. I'm not talking the free gimme-one from the mission I mean the GOOD versions from the C-store. I still see them all over the game.

I saw the occasional lockbox ship too. I have two of my own, spent about $200 over three lockbox programs to get 'em.

Meanwhile, I worked along grinding STFs to earn my gear, I got decent X and XI sets over four toons and accumulated quite a collection of [BORG] gear as well.

I had FUN helping United Sector Taskforce build their base, there was a sense of accomplishment seeing the base come to life. Over the course of building that base we unlocked many interesting items and powerful gear.

We did this by feeding massive numbers of DOFFs into the base. Some of us who could afford it used DOFF packs from the C store or from lockboxes. Some of us did the SFA missions to get more DOFFS. Never batted an eye at the minimum cost it took to run those missions.

Collecting enough resources to make all this happen could be done in a few causal hours of gameplay and we could see results very rapidly.

Now... fast forward.

You have removed drops.

You have removed dilth payouts.

You have closed down any sort of "easy money" for the casual player.

On top of that EVERYTHING COSTS SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNTS OF DILTH, including things that had ZERO or MINIMAL COSTS before.

And you've timelocked the premium gear so that it will take MONTHS from this date to earn.

You force us grind STFs to convert drop tokens at a very very obnoxious exchange rate.

Then there are all the various bugs and unwanted changes. NR is a mess, with holes, clipping, BOFF path issues... the works. You changed the PVE queue and told us to snuff it when we asked you to bring back a feature we wanted.

ON TOP OF THAT, you are asking us to SPEND MORE MONEY to the tune of $50 on a premium ship package? $50 you want.

You also want us to spend money on DOFF packs.

And lockbox keys.

And then you want us to play in bug-ridden missions that should have been corrected while in the test phase. Bugs which there are MULTIPLE THREADS about down in the Tribble forum. Bugs which we told Devs directly about in the TS-channel... bugs which those same Devs glossed over when we mentioned.

What... exactly do you spend my money on? Not quality control... that's for sure. There are god-damn GRAPHICAL GLITCHES on the premium ship... ones that a QA tester should have spotted and flagged. NR ground map needs another MONTH at least of fine-tuning... same with the other new grind maps.

And the NR cutscenes? Start over and make them right. Elements don't load properly/in sequence. The animation is jerky and out of sync.


Your attempts to force us to spend money on Zen for conversion or for DOFF packs is pathetic. It is transparent. It is obvious.

There was no other motivation behind it. You can sit here and tell us otherwise but no one believes you.

You want more money from us, so you can churn out broken buggy content.

No longer.

ROLL BACK the loot changes, reduce the time gate on the STF gear, and reduce or eliminate DOFF costs. FIX the game content that exists now before going forward.

Give us subber/lifers a reason to continue to come back. Give me a reason to drop $50 into the game.

I'd list suggestions on how to reward subbers/lifers but you won't listen.

You won't listen beyond the absolute minimum band-aid to get your actual metrics to match up with projected metrics. I see what you did with the Dilth rework in the patch-notes. Hopefully it's not too little too late.

The numbers speak for themselves. Hardly instances of NR running. Very few people in-instance. And I've seen since launch MAYBE five unique Vestas. I play any time from 4am to midnight, depending on my free-time... and I'm just not seeing the population.

Well. There's your answer, Devs. We're unhappy, and we're not playing. We're not buying.

Hope we've proven that we the players are in control. GIVE us what we ask for. FIX the bugs we tell you about. GIVE us a reason to come back

Stop ****ting on my Star Trek. Either make things enjoyable or turn the servers off.
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11-15-2012, 08:22 AM
im not playing anyways.. I hate the whole of it. I just bought lifetime and now this.. I wonder if i can still call my bank and put a stop payment or dispute the charges as fraud..
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11-15-2012, 08:33 AM
Originally Posted by sensorghost View Post
im not playing anyways.. I hate the whole of it. I just bought lifetime and now this.. I wonder if i can still call my bank and put a stop payment or dispute the charges as fraud..
Very unlikely as the wording of the ELUA allows them to change the game however they wish including adding and removing content and installing paywalls/timegates.

I bought my LTS quite awhile ago. I've gotten my $300 worth out of it game-wise.

Came here for the story, for the Trek Lore.

Now we have Sexy-Vulcan-Space-Elf as our mascot, Help The Space Elf Colony, Shoot The Spiders, and Zombie (Borg) Invasion.

I'm still (still!) waiting for the resolution to the Fed-Klingon war that was hinted about over the mission arc. Still waiting for the Iconians to make their move...



This is no longer a game that tells a story. It's a full time job.
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11-15-2012, 08:39 AM
I made an investment for my enjoyment in a game system I understood and accepted, 2 weeks later the change all of reality. I no longer have a scrap of enjoyment left.

I'm getting my money back.

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