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11-15-2012, 08:49 AM
Originally Posted by sorceror01 View Post
See, when you say things like that, you start to lose credibility for your argument.
Ships are never going to be that expensive. Honestly, I do believe the prices the ships are at now will be what they stay at, relative to their tier. Same goes with the 3-packs, if those continue to be A Thing.
Also, this game is probably not going to close its doors any time soon. Right now, it's making good money. Plus, it has the attentions of a very interested party: CBS. I'm sure between them and PWE, and Cryptic working diligently on improving the game, STO will be around for quite some time. Prophesying doom for the game, when all evidence indicates otherwise is not the way to add gravity to your opinions.
If you'd been here at the beginning then I suspect that you'd have made similar claims that Cryptic would never charge $50 for a C-Store purchase. Prices already grossly inflated with the transition to Zen. $25 wasn't enough for Cryptic for ships so they started producing these 3-packs for $50 (which is completely unnecessary - did we need a Sci Odyssey? No. No more than we need an Engineering Vesta).

These guys will charge whatever they think they can get away with - even the 'good' guys in the industry get greedy (the whole EVE $40 monocle thing) - Cryptic with PWE at the helm are quite possibly the greediest operation I've encountered in gaming (aside from maybe Zynga).

Anyway - I stand by my statement - $99 ships (or bundles) before this game close its doors and on the day they announce it, you owe me one.

Originally Posted by sorceror01 View Post
So this is you completely ignoring the fact that they did in fact do that, because they have each variant of the ship available for separate purchase, in addition to the 3-pack (which is actually kind of a deal comparatively).
Each version of the Vesta is about $25, which is the norm for a ship of that tier. The 3-pack is $50, worth two of them. But you get three. It's essentially a "Buy Two Get One Free" deal.
Not in my C-Store - all I have available is the 3-pack. I'll check again though once the server comes back up.

*Edit* just checked and I stand corrected - the Vesta does indeed show up as separate purchases - not sure why I wasn't seeing that before (mostly been playing KDF so that might have had something to do with it) but irrespective I'm glad to see they haven't taken a 'bundle-only' approach - it says something of my apathy to their pricing/business tactics that it didn't surprise me in the least when I thought they had though...
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