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11-15-2012, 10:33 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
No changes were made to standard or STF Borg enemy NPCs alongside Season 7. A few new ones were added for the Into The Hive STFs, but their addition has had no impact on the abilities of their allies.

Plasma DOTs have always had 100% shield bleedthrough, and high-damage torpedoes have always been a difficult-to-balance issue (to put it nicely).

Borg damage was not increased.
Borg abilities were not beefed up.

That said, it's possible that Borg encountered in Into The Hive are set to a higher level than they are in other STFs. I haven't checked to be certain. But if they are, that means they are rolling on different (higher) damage tables.
I have noticed for a couple of weeks now that sometimes MY torpedos are just circles, (I have a medium-end card GTX 570) Question: Could the Borg torpedos be doing the same thing and just be REALLY hard to see when they are hitting you?.

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11-15-2012, 10:34 AM
Ok just did another and here are some details from combat log.

All are from Tac Borg Cube
TSS, Epower to Shield 1, 100+ Shield Power, and Maco Shield being used just to give idea of current resistance rating. In addition have 24.6 energy/40.3 kinetic hull resists.

1946(2148) Plasma Cannon Shield Damage
239(3673) Plasma Cannon Damage

Ok so no idea what that info even represents or how those first numbers were calculated from the first. Perhaps shield resistance math got messed up somewhere because just the maco shield and my shield power alone are more resist than what was applied. Next up the Torp.

3591(10460) Plasma Torpedo Shield Damage, Kinetic
19248(55429) Plasma Torpedo Damage, Kinetic

850(1309) Plasma Damage, the dot.

Ok first off I thought shields had an innate 75% kinetic resist or am I wrong on that because the log is implying around 65%. And how on earth did I gain kinetic hull resistance from no where for the hull hit?

Somewhere in your damage vs resistance formula someone made a boo boo. That is the only logical conclusion I can draw.
I'm pretty sure the first number is sheild damage, the second bleedtghrough, hence the oddettiy with the torps on bleedthrough:

@Bort: Plasma DoT's may have allways been capable of stacking before this but you never actually saw it. I paid attention to plasma dot's as i've suspected for a long time that they're part of a problem, and i've never seen non-torps stack dots weather from a player or from the borg, and without multipuler ships shooting at you the chances of the borg getting 2 torp dots up was near zero. From the accounts here thats clearly changed.
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11-15-2012, 10:35 AM
Originally Posted by hatepwe View Post
I think people are still trying to wrap their heads around the new STF

I found that the Queen's Feedback Pulse seems to be very powerful.

The Borg Shield Neutralizer + the 70000 Plasma Damage from Plasma Spread II was very unwelcome. Especially when you can't brace for impact or prepare in any way because the visuals for the torpedos disappear on High end machines

Then the one shot kill if you're within 5km of her.

And that's just the Queen's ship.

There's no doubt that it's an extremely difficult STF at least for now.
It is not just the new STF. The problem is the old STF?s are all of a sudden doing massive hull damage even with shields up. Loads of people have reported this. Like I said before with near 70% resistance and 53k hull hitpoints I am still losing hull faster than ever before.
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11-15-2012, 10:44 AM
I still don't see a reason why people are dying with their shields up. Plasma fires can be damaging but they aren't hitting you for 40-50% of your hull value at a time.
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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
My original post was made after examining the ships themselves, and their associated powers, all of which have not been recently changed. And Archon has confirmed the code change that is the most likely reason for any perceived increase in Borg difficulty (which was not Borg-specific, which is why I did not come across it in my search).
Please examine combat logs. Both from my own experience, as well as many others here, we're seeing our hulls crumbling while our shields are still up. Even without the values being changed, something in the way they interact has. It probably isn't borg-specific, just that borg happen to use this particular mechanic that others either don't or rarely. The torpedo-facing change mentioned, for instance, isn't borg specific per se, but very few things are as large as borg cubes, so that's the only place it's really noticeable.

Could there have been a change to the way plasma fires work? Or perhaps even just debuffs more generally? There are plenty of ways a bug could be unintentionally introduced to cause the behavior we're seeing.

Borg Plasma DOTs are exactly the same as player Plasma DOTs (and always have been), which have been capable of stacking for quite some time. This is not a recent change.
My understanding is that energy weapon plasma fires do not stack. (or at least not prior to S7) Perhaps that was considered a bug pre-S7 that is now fixed (so energy plasma fires stack), which is causing the behavior we're seeing?
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11-15-2012, 02:21 PM
to all who noticed far more death with shield up, did you fly a ship with 3part borg set + maco/hg shield ?
if so maybe you re just burned by the loss of the old 3part bonus ?
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11-15-2012, 05:21 PM
The 3-piece bonus has NOTHING to do with it. My shields will remain at full and my hull drops to 40% in a matter of seconds. Shields still at full I have to bug out to stay alive.
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The issue seems to lie in standard borg plasma torpedos, which seem to have adapted some kind of transphasic characteristics and can now penetrate ship shields straight to the hull.

No Cryptic, this is not our imagination. Everyone I've been playing with since the last couple of days is reporting the same thing - their ship has full shields, yet they take damage straight to the hull from the standard borg torpedos (no spread, no high yield, just single torps). And no, it's not during Into the Hive.

One person also reported the same thing with romulan NPCs, who seem to deal way more damage with their plasma torpedos than they did previously.

Please Cryptic, perhaps there have been some changes in relation with the new plasma weapons from the reputation system? Some kind of general buff that made it to all NPCs, including STF-buffed borg?

For example, I can fly my Vesta into the middle of several warship groups and tank with shields no problem, yet the moment I do any STF nearly 50% of enemy's damage is going straight to the hull, sometimes leaving the shields at 100% on all sides, while taking out half of my hull. Even the simple spheres can blow up my buffed fleet vor'cha pretty fast.
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Originally Posted by dwalker1701 View Post
I have to agree something has changed ... I ran into a cube and sphere yesterday in the new Romulan zone as one part of a exploration mission ... usually they will be some work, but yesterday they ripped through my shields and tore up my tac escort refit like I was running around in a tier 2. I like a good challenge, but this was silly ... I died 4 times before I finished the mission. I'm running with Aegis set and Borg universal console along with VR MX XI weapons that seemed like peashooters. I won't say I'm an expert, but I'm no noob either.
Agreed. And my ship of choice is an Armitage with MK XII MACO set, all MK XII AP anti-borg weaponry and hopped up on defensive consoles. Albeit I didnt die since i'm an Engy, but for a mission of that type, wow.
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11-15-2012, 06:50 PM
Is it only happening in STFs? I was playing SB24 earlier, and my hull went to 10%, and all of my shield facings were still up. When I exploded half a second later, my shields were still up. They were protecting a tiny debris field, but they were there.

Edit: Forgot to add, I'm using the complete Borg set (Shield, Deflector, Engine, Console)
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