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Just to take a break from the ongoing dilithium debates, something bugged me about these missions.

> Collect 10 Glowing Plants / Resonating Rocks to exchange for 1 Romulan mark.

That doesn't seem like a lot. It, in fact, seems like very little. You can collect a great many more radiation samples in the span of time it takes you to collect ten of these, and they exchange for a far better sum of marks too. So my sneaking suspicion is this:

Was this mission meant to award Romulan Research? Cause that'd make a lot more sense to me, given the nature of the mission, the relative difficulty, and the value of the reward.

Mind you, I haven't turned anything in yet, it might just be a typo in the quest description, and I guess I'll find out in a bit, but I just had to say, one Romulan mark seems kind of pointless. (Edit: Nope. Not a typo. It's one mark.)

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