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# 11 T6 Ships.
11-15-2012, 08:20 PM
1)In the last Ask Cryptic, you mentioned the possibility of increasing the level cap in the future, and how T6 ships might come with that.

After Cryptic has heavily monetized T5 Ships, Fleet Ships, and Lock box ships (which is not inherently bad), how would you handle T6 ships? Anybody who has bought a few of these would essentially be down a lot of money. Would you upgrade all the paid for ships to T6? Or give players free access to T6 versions of their T5 ships?

2)Will the KDF be getting a 3 Pack Science Vessel counterpart to the Vesta? They got the Bortas along side the Odyssey, it only seems fair they'd get a similar science ship. And will there be a 3 Pack Escort sometime in the future?

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