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Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
Show your math, please.

Prior to S7 a lot of players complained about grinding for months without seeing prototype salvage or tech. One member of my fleet, a lifetimer since day one, was grinding STFs since he hit VA 2 months after launch, and has NEVER managed to win an Mk XII piece.

The randomness was simply too much, and to him the ability to buy the stuff after working at it for a while is the best thing to happen since his first Veteran award.

Is it too much grind for you (and some others)? Maybe. But you can't please everyone, and only time will tell if these decisions pleased the most (or most important) sections of the playerbase.
Me I get set XII of all my klingon caracters. I play over 130 Cure for sec. protoweapon on one caracter, but i get it. If you like to help players with bed luck you coud make available set XII for a reasonable amount of EDC. This sopose to be a game and fun . I dont like it became a full time job. I spent time with one caracter to get full set XII then i made a new one. Now I must start work again with 4 of them to built a reputation sistem. I dont like the new sistem. Set XII help you at ground and ground is dead, so why i work like a slave to get something i never use in actual condition.A lot of mission are dead, ground mostly. I am happy i dont buy a life subscription.

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