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11-16-2012, 09:34 AM
Originally Posted by aelfwin1 View Post
Really ? You don't ?? Or did I just missed the /sarcasm@ ?

Because , some (quite many actually) are still struggling with the likes of 200.000 Dil for a set of curtains or a Morn Hologram .
No sarcasm. I'm aware of the special decorative projects and whatnot, but (and I highlighted the special word there) those were already here. All the other projects? Fleet weapons? Already here. With Dilithium no longer required in leveling the reputation system, as it was on Tribble, there really aren't any new dilithium sinks being imposed on players just yet. At least, not in the first week, not until they hit that first tier and start unlocking stuff in the reputation store.


Oh wait.


Still wouldn't have pegged those for that big a drop, though. In combination with the new vanity project, maybe. But then I'd have expected the Vesta, paired with the removal of the clickies, to pull the whole thing in the other direction. Could be the early season influx of (usually temporarily) returning players spending leftover or newly bought zen, I suppose.

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